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Friendship lost in World War

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Aayush Tiwari –

Adam’s old hat

John and Adam were childhood friends.

And to be true they were more than that.

Like a child can’t live without his mother .

Were they both without each other

Even if the storm did rage lightning did fall.

Insanely ran Adam whenever John called

And like a key is without a lock
Was our Adam without his John.

But ended that joy as World War did rage.

Adam had to go for enemies to be faced.

Now solitary was the village, John was alone.

Where were they both, who seemed like clones?

Like a body devoid of sole
Were they gloomy being all alone.

John was worried, John was agitated

How is my friend his eyes radiated.

Though Adam wrote letters on and on.

“Your buddy is ok, don’t worry my John” .

Years ticked by but hearts dint glow.

Constantly the tears from John’s eye flow.

Time did run letters did come.
John kept on living with hope undone.

But after the war he, his patience did loose
“I will somehow find my childhood dude”‘.

He went for months looking for his friend.

Forests he crossed the rivers he swam.

His eyes were bleeding at peak was the hunger.

As he finally found those smashed little bunkers.

Near the bunker was Army’s pent house.

As he opened the door, cobwebs he found.

Oh, hundreds of letters were scattered on shelf.

With future dates written on them.

In tears our John then did burst.

As he read those letters lying in dust.

When asked by John it was told to him.

Fake letters were posted as Adam’s last wish.

And then John noticed near the mat.

Stained with blood was Adam’s old hat.

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