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Aayush Tiwari –

As I walked in a groove, my friends
Tensed I got I reveal to you why
All by myself alone in the groove
I asked myself that Who am I.

At the gate of the garden I met my friend
He was too close and dear of mine
With a lot of hope I looked in his eye
asking him desperately “Who am I ”

“In form of you an asset we got
Happy, silent, smart and amusing
Better than you I see no one more
Of my friend we are proud of you”.

Happy I was, but not contended
Unfortunately, later John I saw
John was my foe since we were kids
I hated him more than I hated his shit.

Although half-hearted to him I said
“Today your rival needs your help
I fail to find although I try
To truly understand Who am I”

“Who are you!
You are a devil, a declared fool
To win you can break any rule
To no avail we waste our time
Just pick up a rod and I will too
And then to the world a fight will prove
That who am I and what are you!”

In the spur I was furious, I yelled outraged
“Shut-up you moron, I am not in mood
You saucy fellow, son of a fool
Don’t worry you rascal, I will see you soon”

Then I met a chick I knew
Saying Hello and hi we will later do
See my heart and soul together are asking
If not this mind then ‘who are you.’

“You are so sizzling and so cool
I love and admire your every way
Good at mind pure of heart
I am your fan, oh my care-free dude”

I laughed and grinned and went to school
And asked my teacher who am I

“Notorious baboon, you clown of class
I find you behind every mischief
You disturb the class abuse in vain
Call your parents to the school again

You bunk the class your parents you fool
Unanimously you are worst child of school.

With good boys like John you fight
Your habits are worse you know that too
And not only me all teachers say
You good for nothing, we are fed up of you.”

Sometimes astonished, sometimes gay
Sometimes sad, at times dazed
The more I thought the less I grasped
My confusion snow flaked the more I asked.

So then eventually to home I went
And instead of anyone I asked myself
With open mind and with unprejudiced heart
I gazed at the mirror to find myself

As pondering and thinking slowly ceased
As vacillations of mind slowly decreased
I became meditative I am too frank
Peeping the dusted mirror of self
To discover the answer to, Who I am.

So when you are obsessed with who I am
Who I am and only Who I am
Mark my words this world won’t help
Unless you dive deep in yourself

Like the roar of the clouds with thunder as well
You will hear a voice within yourself
Which doesn’t have tongue which doesn’t have words
To quench the fire of WHO I AM.

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