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Aayush Tiwari –

A bond that is a necessary evil.

A beautiful fairy as well as a devil.

Light years you walk to earn some trust.

But in fractions of second it can doom in dust.

Trust is the only foundation of love

On the barren heart it spreads like shrubs

Only on its ground deep meditation wends.

And only when its shaken then everything ends

Like do flowers only blooms the love.

When irrigated by the stream known as trust.

Like stinger of scorpions cause such pain.

The sole gets wounded if one steps on faith.

Everybody everywhere needs divinity to trust

Only it keeps one alive and keeps him up

And trusting this world, be it pondered first

That ‘et too Brutus ’ was a result of trust.

Though slowly and randomly the rocks weather.

Like slowly and zig zag the iron rusts

You might be like iron or tough like rock

You can rust in a moment, if rusts your trust

So to trust that real go beyond thoughts
Like he never assured yet we trust our god.

Divine is the self, divine is its thirst

Before trusting the world, your quest, you trust.

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