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The ultimate yes!

(Conflict Resolution Day special).

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Aayush Tiwari –

The ultimate yes!

Like the drops of dew reflecting Sun beams.

For dreamers this is, who live such dreams.

Those poets in Sunshine, who notice spark.
Those divers of oceans who play with sharks.

In broad daylight, who study in a lamp.
When the ground is slippery, who stand like man.

Those in dark, spread their rays.
Who trust beyond trust, who walk dark ways.

“Oh hurdle came? Oh a problem cropped?

Oh vital to life some asset got lost!

Son, who could smother them?
Or cause their hault?

With pride and passion, they made through falls!

Like after the night the Sun comes in.

Like after the fall, the waves rise up.
These ups and downs this fall and rise.
Under role of a dice is a meaning to life

Like for crops, vital is the rain
Like for life, vital is the grain.
Dreaming without screaming, is the essence of life.
Without which talent, is eventually vain.

Angels of heaven, oh rulers of the hell.
In the same old battle of ‘no’ and ‘yes’.
Voyage has come, to that no yes point.
Where Beyond no and yes, that ultimate YES.

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