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In the jaws of lion the meaning of life!

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Ayush Tiwari-

‘Oh the life is useless’, said the deer
So full of sorrows care and fear
Life is for lions and for the tigers
“Oh yes my friend”, agreed the hare
“We eat and live and sleep in fear
When our friends are killed we shed our tears
Pitiful and mournful is our everyday
Look at predators they seem so gay.”
This was the life of the deer my friends
So much grudges his heart seem bleed
Such a trifle this life to deer it seemed
This was the way the world it gleamed.
But once at the dawn of a scary night
The forest saw a dreadful sight
The deer could find no place to hide
For life he was running with a lion behind
He ran through the bank of a splendid lake
Ducks and swans were swimming in it
Ornate with lotuses was the silvery water
Here he played with his friends in joy and laughter
His eyes became wet and really pitiful
He screamed in agony “oh my life was beautiful”
Then he crossed a lush green tree
Where he used to sit with friends
Hopping, singing, playing in herbs
Munching, jumping, playing in shrubs.
This tree was his abode since his childhood
His tears were flowing and the heart was mournful
Running for life he ran over the hills
Here was his home and his dear ones lived
He remembered those rabbits and his lovey tribe
He cried to god, “Oh save my life”.
An eagle soaring there in the sky
Witnessed the deer crying for life
She screamed from above “now pay the price”
lifelong oh deer, you disdained your life.
His painful groans the forest could hear
As death was hovering near and near
In the claws of the lion he realized its price
In the jaws of the lion the meaning of life.


  1. The poem, IN The Jaws of Lion Meaning of Life , is a wonderful piece of art. It is poignant and goes deep inside the heart. I wish to hear more from this author. all the best

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