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Aayush Tiwari –

Floating along the flux of time.
As I glance the vital deeds of life.
Decades after decades as I rewind,
Itinerary this is of an artist’s mind.

He sees, he says

“Silence crawling after devastation.
Innocent glory before destruction.
Crumbling pressure before a final.
Innocent convict before a trial.

The battlefields smeared with blood.
The child of widow addicted to drugs.

The belief on his horse by by his rider.
The passion and wildness in the eyes of a fighter.
Thoughts exploding in the words of a writer.
That plight of fly in the web of a spider.

Power of failures in stern resolutions.
Grace of the legend before execution.
The horror of prisoner before prosecution.
That pen of fire causing revolutions.

The art of mongoose combating snake.
Captain of ship, trapped in waves.
The revenge of innocent fighting in rage.
The wounded lion unfettered from cage.

Groans of kids crying with hunger.
The horror of a prey swooped by the hunter.
The insect dazed by the tongue of a frog.
Oh, venomous snake in the claws of a hawk.

A holy saint drinking the blood.
Empires of billions drowned in flood.

An honest spy accepting the bribe.
The life of a gambler and that role of a dice.

Agony and anguish despite being rich.
That talented drunkard lying in a ditch.

Triumph of tortoise on the hare.
The drops of sweat on the eyes of a player.
Galelio and Mansoor decaying in a cell
A holy hermit crying in hell.

Most ruthless devil enjoying paradise
Net for the lion torn by the mice
Eyes of Ashoka witnessing destruction.
The eyes of Porus facing Alexander.

Models causing devastation on ramps,
Gas chambers of Hitler, concentration camps.
White collared criminal raising his hand.
The bottle of Bhagat Singh filled with sand.”

The world my friend, may never recognise.
These implosions, explosions of an artistic mind.

This might be a dream that cant be screamed.
But as it is screamed it can’t be screened.

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