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Breaking: AI equipped chess engine leads to path breaking discovery on meditation and spiritual enlightenment

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  • A human mind makes every repetitive activity mechanical and develops a boredom towards it.
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Mack Khan – :

Advocate Aayush Tiwari an alumnus of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies ( experiments with AI equipped chess engines ‘Stockfish ‘and ‘Leela Zero’ to revolutionize the enigma of enlightenment through unconventional meditation. The immortal wisdom coded in Advait Vedanta hence reincarnates itself in the psychical realms with deployment of ultra-modern technology unfolding a comprehensively new approach to the spiritual science. Here is a detailed interview with Aayush in the light of these trending inferences based on this experimentation.

Question Answer Session !

Q) Before rolling the wheels we are eager to know why you had been refuting the contemporary gurus and their methods before this experiment.

A) Thought is a directional movement of sensations in time and hence any technique born out of thought is in itself a thought and can’t propel consciousness beyond till thoughtlessness. Anything born in time can’t give the taste of the state that is timeless.

Q) What is the scientific inference of this experiment?

A) A human mind makes every repetitive activity mechanical and develops a boredom towards it. For example, drug intake capacity increases drastically as the mind gets adapted . If you look a little back at the vish-kanyas as prepared by Chanakya even you will notice that the mind is so powerful that not only the drugs it even adjusts itself with the slow dose of cobra venom becoming eventually immune to it. The same happens with every sensation of pleasure and pain and hence there is so much misery in the world. So as the inference goes if merely the sensation of fear with all its offshoots such as anger, envy, insecurity or depression is observed in its totality devoid of the object that triggers it the mind soon makes even the fear wave mechanical consequently turning it lifeless. Depending on the intensity of the observation the mind develops a boredom towards the sensation of fear if observed for a while rendering it ineffective .Freedom from fear is liberation, nirvana, moksha or whatever one may call it.

Q) How is this observation different from the observation when the instrument of observation is mind itself in the first place?

A) This is a very significant question. Our deeply conditioned mind always works on the images formed by our sense organs processed like a lightening by the memory, imagination and never actually with the real object. This is an illusionary and a subtle phenomenon also pointed as maya in the Hindu mythology that underpins all worldly sorrows. To understand this profoundly the sutras of non duality encrypted in the advait vedanta are indispensable. Unanimously the most revered Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurthy perhaps made the most powerful statement in this regard, ‘The observer is the observed’. When we observe neither with the images formed by our sense organs, nor with the mind the tremendous energy of consciousness that sometimes gets reflected in our reflex actions observes. In this observation the observed dissolves in the observer and only observation remains, the object causing fear gets dissolved with its image formed in the mind and only the common wave of fear remains. If we don’t escape this wave and observe it unfazed the mind is designed to make it mechanical and get out of it forever.

Q) How did the AI equipped chess engines you used substantiate this inference.

A) Chess is a memory based movement of intellect, intuition, imagination and innovation. The modus operandi of chess engines is just like a human mind but minus consciousness. So as I stimulated each wrong move of the engine with an electric impulse it registered it as fear and backed it up with another impulse registering it as bliss with every great move. When the process was reversed that is the sequential order of the game from the checkmate to inception the engine was reduced to a mere hardisk . The impulse of fear and bliss that were associated with every bad move first reverberated intensely and then neutralized each other collapsing into nothingness as they had nothing to relate with. This nothingness hence achieved is to be elaborated precisely in furtherance of this experiment in the light of nirvikalp samadhi, Nirvana, enlightenment the state of anand or the timeless state of bliss as indicated by the vedanta. This state of enlightenment is also deemed to be the purpose of human life..

Q) How do you plan to pursue your legal profession, music and chess balancing them with this venture?

A) If human consciousness is set free there will be not such a dire need for criminal law as such(smiles). Music and sports such as chess will then flourish in a different manner altogether. They will be played lively at zenith of joy as that tremendous pressure of people’s reactions along with such other impediments would be secondary

Q) What would be the biggest social advantage of this initiative?

A) The essence of this would be to weed out the spiritual gurus growing like mushroom and the sham going on in the name of meditation. It might help to erode the superstitions contaminating pure spirituality in the name of karmkand, the laws of manifestation/attraction , negative/ positive vibes and so on and so forth. When nothing remains that manipulates the true striving in the right direction arises on its own accord.

Q) Any particular message you want to share with our readers and viewers?

A) Mental disorders today are the most deadly pandemic of our era. This menace can be addressed to a great extent with the ancient wisdom literature, real yoga, meditation, sports, martial arts and music. As consciousness gets free and pure the self will automatically drift towards these. In unfazed consciousness, realisation of the self lies the key for joy and emancipation.

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