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Is ‘ The Serpent’ Charles Sobhraj deeply spiritual ?

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Aayush Tiwari –

Here we intend not to glorify a criminal but to burst the bubble of confusion that has been an engima of many seekers. The infamous ‘Bikni Killer’ Charles Sobhraj had recently been released from the Nepal jail after having served almost twenty years of imprisonment. We are not at all charmed by ‘ the serpent’ but unfortunately vital it is to highlight the X factor behind this celebtity criminal .

The statement of purpose is that spirituality has nothing to do with the morality and social ethics. Dumbfounded? Yes, morality, ethics, norms karmas, sins and virtues are definitely the cup of coffee of the religions and cultures around the world but once the religious do’s and don’ts are transcended towards spirituality they become immaterial. I understand your rage for having said that but have you ever wondered the deceit deployed by Lord Krishna to triumph the war of Mahabharata. Unjust and unethical maneuvers were deployed by Krishna to slaughter the great warriors right from Karna, Bheeshm, Drona despite the fact these warriors were not only skilled at warfare but also too religious. What is the message of the vishvaguru behind that have you ever pondered? I concede, Krishna is the supreme god and mentioning his name in relation to a psychopath like Sobhraj might outrage the emotions of many. Nevertheless respecting your feelings I urge to elaborate an extremely strange notion that needs clarity as millions of innocent seekers are falling victims to the spiritual powers somehow salvaged by thousands of obnoxious gurus. Many of them are behind the bars today but countless of such unscrupulous men still continue to extort money from the people desperately in search for inner peace.

Spirituality is a transcendental state of mind and here only the life energy operates not the common sense of right and wrong. Sins and virtues are identifications of a conditioned mind swinging like a pendulum in cosmic duality. These ethics are nailed in the mind right from childhood by the education system, social experiences, common sense, training by the parents and so on and so forth. However once the mind is transcended and the electro- spiritual forces come into play the the vista hence unfolded can be bewildering. For example, fire is an energy, it can cook but can also burn. If a saint jumps from a cliff along with serial killer then both are bound to die as gravity too is the energy that won’t distinguish between the good man and the bad one. Same happens with direction of flux of the spiritual energy born out of surrogative meditation.

Coming back to Charles Sobhraj , the multilingual beast , the womaniser who would charm girls in a blink, the ‘serpent’ who broke jails after jails like toys. The man behind the greatest escape from the high security Tihar. The bikini killer responsible for atleast a dozen of cold blooded murders. The tact that evaded a sacrosanct death sentence in Thailand by planning a jail break in India to deliberately extend the limitation period of Thailand’s legal code. He charged in millions for interviews with high profile media and people would spend lavishly to get a photograph with the killer. He ruled the jails like emperor, he reflected that effortless meditative grace in whatever he did. These are just a few traits everyone knows but what surprises is Charles Sobhraj spent minimum five hours a day in back breaking meditation. Even IPS Kiran Bedi got mesmerized with his persona and mentioned his charisma in her testimony. She was transferred based on the allegations that she had supported Charles in his jail break at Tihar. He would lead the meditation camps in prison and was given the charge of preaching scriptures to the inmates. Well this is not confined to a psychopath brain but is the flair of consciousness acting in opposite direction. The same attention of consciousness that takes over the mind when we suddenly see a snake or a tiger prowling towards us. It’s the control of the same life energy that doesn’t wait for the brain and spinal chord when we accidentally touch a burning cigar and the reflex actions does the job with an immeasurable speed.

What happens to a dead body within a few hours, it stinks badly as this life energy leaves sublimes. We are talking about action What happens if you kiss even the most beautiful woman on earth if she is in coma. The feel won’t be there as this life energy is sitting on the fences. It does not always require austerity and discipline to get in control of acting through this center less tangent . Tantra, trauma, god gift, decoding of abstract ancient wisdom are a few ways this spiritual force can be tapped by even the most heinous people. This is the way people are being fooled by the charisma of fake gurus who have somehow mustered some spiritual wisdom to quench their vested interests. Adolf Hitler’s psychopathic image of Germany as his wife is another example of this phenomenon. He married Eva Brown an hour before suicide as he used to say his wife is Germany and as long as this love for soulmate is there no one else could take its place His ego dissolved in this insanity caused by hallucinatory and a nation as civilized and culturally rich as Germany became the reason behind the most horrendous genocide in human history, the holocaust. Few drops of powers that sometimes drop from beyond are like a loaded AK 47 , that could be in the hands of a commando defending the borders and also be the reason behind a teenager’s mass public shootout. Perhaps the most adorable comical villian, ‘The Joker’ played by Oscar winning prodigy late Heath Ledger asserts in the Dark Knight, “Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little PUSH”. We need to be aware of charisma of people who appear like saints and observe profoundly before following a spiritual cult. Blindfolded attraction towards the aura of meditation can be a far more dangerous than the mad elephants trampling the kindergartens kids in broad daylight.

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