Action through non action is Bobby Deol’s victory over ‘Animal’.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The inner animal pulls us down, and Bobby’ s grace proved he has won over his inner animal instincts in the trailer of the movie Animal. It can help us too. How?

See, the total time in the trailer is not even ten seconds, nevertheless what Bobby has conveyed in those few seconds is something Heath Ledger gave his life for. Heath died portraying the joker, Bobby’s animal died portraying the animal.

Method acting when becomes a dimensional shift for an actor, something of the beyond shimmers.
Bobby Deol in animal is an example of such a dimensional shift and can help us getting over the animal instincts within if we look at it deeper.

Yes, Bobby’s comeback is not a simple happening confined to a mastery over a few traits required for action or acting. The ACTION through NON ACTION is what this appearance showcases. This is the bottomline of The Gita – action through non action, the concept of nishkam karma yoga.

Non action is a observation of decades, and the acting of the highest order is the action from the non action of these 13 years called the leela. (Sadhana we mean here has nothing to do with the sadhna that people associate with sitting perpetually in an eyes closed posture).

Being aware and conscious about non action years after years, years after years is transcendence of time. As time is transcended, body which is space also is by passed. 14 years exile of Ram that became 13 years of exile for Arjun in the Dweta, conveys the same time period required for non action to get rooted in the consciousness. Then the Action out of that awareness is Bobby Deol in the last scene .

I repeat, expressing this quantum leap beyond space and time getting conscious for a few seconds in animal trailer is what makes it special.

The workout, body building and other aspects Bobby Deol worked on to voice the character in animal deserve a big round of applause. However the takeaway should not be the body building, the takeaway of this masterpiece acting should be the pristine action through inaction.

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