Global Investors Summit: ‘Develop yourself and Uttarakhand: This is the right time – this is India’s time’: PM Namo

Mack Khan –

After inaugurating the 2-day Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit in Dehradun today, PM Narendra Modi asked the investors to invest in Devbhoomi and help in the development of themselves and Uttarakhand. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that due to political stability-law and order, Uttarakhand fulfills all the criteria of investment.One Point Clearance facility will be provided for investment of more than Rs 5 crore. PM Modi also patted CM Pushkar on the stage of the summit after the helipad and openly demonstrated happiness and affection towards him. BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt and former CM Vijay Bahuguna were also at the helipad.

Modi said that in Uttarakhand, I have seen and experienced the possibilities in many areas, where there is Ganga water in Anjuli – where every mind is just sincere – where there is a patriot in every village – where there is true strength in women – I walk with the blessings of that Devbhoomi – it is my fortune – good fortune is mine – I bow my head to you. Devbhoomi is going to open many doors for investment, India is moving forward with the mantra of development and heritage.

“People want a stable government. Given the track record, they voted last time. Uttarakhand is also special and natural because there is a double engine government here.

He said that Uttarakhand is working strongly on infrastructure in the 21st century.Work is going on here at an unprecedented pace in 4 Dham Marg-villages.The distance between Delhi-Dehradun is going to be completed in two and a half hours.Air connectivity will be better in Doon-Pantnagar.Connectivity is also being strengthened along with life.A lot of work is being done in tourism-tour-travel-hospitality.Contrary to the thinking of the previous governments, we are working on developing the border village as the first village. Bringing villages and areas forward behind.

Modi said that there are opportunities for every investor to take maximum advantage in Uttarakhand. He said, “I want to tell the rich and rich people of the country that we have a belief here that God decides the marriage couple.

He said that like Make in India, marriages should also be done in India. Promote Wed in India.Uttarakhand is Devbhoomi.Do not invest anything, but in 5 years, a destination marriage of the family must be done in Uttarakhand.If 5000 marriages are done in Uttarakhand in a year, then the infrastructure related to it will be developed here.In 5 years, 13.5 crore people have come out of the poverty line. The new middle class is spending more than it needs. The other middle class is spending a lot on needs.

The Prime Minister said that the launch of House of Himalayas will help the products here to be established in the foreign market and in Vocal for Local and Local for Global. Work on Zero Defect. The world should follow what you do. Change the thinking of importing from there if it is cheap in the world.

The PM said that India is going to become the third largest economic power in the world.This will happen in my third term.Stable government-cooperation-self-confidence to develop, such a coincidence has been created for the first time.He told the investors to develop themselves by walking with Uttarakhand – become partners in the development of Uttarakhand.The youth of the mountain and the water of the mountain will now be useful to the mountain.Those who have the power should take advantage of the policies of the government. This state has a huge contribution in making my life.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that investment in Uttarakhand is very safe, the land bank and strong law and order here creates a very good environment for investment. Uttarakhand will organize this type of summit every 2 years. The summit is being attended by top officials and representatives of big industrial groups and companies from India and abroad, CMD-MD-Directors-Ambassadors-Diplomats.

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