Breaking – : Radha Raturi becomes first woman Chief Secretary: 6-month extension also decided!

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CM Pushkar Singh Dhami made Radha Raturi the new Chief Secretary of the 1988 batch and above CS Dr Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, who retired tomorrow in the All India Civil List. She will sit on the top chair of bureaucrats on January 31 afternoon. Making Radha an Over All Boss after bringing in Abhinav Kumar as the country’s youngest DGP means that she is the first woman Chief Secretary of the state. Uttarakhand For the first time in this, a husband and wife have reached the top in their respective cadre.Radha’s husband Anil Raturi retired about 3 years ago after becoming DGP.

Radha and Dr Sukhbir belong to the same batch. Due to the cadre change, despite being senior (10th merit) in the batch, he had to stay at the bottom of the gradation list in Uttarakhand.Due to this, he had to suffer a lot in the race to become CS.Dr. Sandhu is going to make a place for him before him and after taking an extension of 6 months of becoming CS for almost two and a half years.Originally the husband of Radha of Madhya Pradesh, former DGP Anil Raturi is from Dehradun.

The special aspect is that Radha is also liked by CM Pushkar himself. The news inside is that despite having only 2 months of IAS service left, she has become CS only by her wish.Lok Sabha elections and CM’s choice Radha is already considered to get an extension of at least 6 months.

There are two reasons for this.1-Even the Election Commission itself will not agree to change the CS during the Lok Sabha elections.2-Anand Bardhan, the only candidate to become CS after Radha, has a long job now.His retirement is in 2027.There is no face nor the government has any option to stop him from becoming Chief Secretary.

Anandvardhan belongs to the year-1992 batch.After him the next batch in Uttarakhand is directly 1997 (Ramesh Kumar Sudhanshu-L Fanai).5 cadre are directly missing.No woman has become Chief Secretary in Uttarakhand before Radha.The Congress government of Uttarakhand (CM ND Tiwari) got the credit of giving the country’s first woman DGP Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya.

Chief Minister Pushkar recently equalized this account of the Congress by giving the youngest DGP.Now by appointing a woman CS, she has set an example of women empowerment.Radha also has ACS (Home Department).According to sources, CM also discussed with PM Modi and HM Amit Shah before making Radha CS.Got the approval of both.

Pushkar takes the consent of Modi-Shah on any important decision.This insider says.The advantage of this is that no one can execute a thing like backbiting in the high command on any of their decisions.

Radha’s appointment is being considered as another trump card of the Chief Minister in wooing and influencing them.

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