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Osho vs Krishnamurti: Cunning, lustful, deceitful, lustful, greedy!

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Mack Khan –

In Jiddu Krishnamurti’s meetings, Osho’s sannyasins used to go to harass him and make a ruckus, Osho Rajneesh had clear instructions to his disciples to wear maroon robes and sit right in front of Krishnamurti and laugh loudly at them when Krishnamurti was angry.

Seeing all this, Krishnamurti used to repeatedly say that the sannyasins of any guru should not wear any cloak etc. to his meetings. In such a situation, Krishnamurti used to go away angry or change the subject and start talking.

Rajneesh himself has narrated this in his ‘divine discourses’.

Analysing Krishnamurti’s displeasure through Vedanti spirituality, Osho mocks Krishnamurti and says that he is not a samadhistha, not a sthiprajna or else he would not be angry.

This is a chronic disease of Vedantic babas like Osho Rajneesh. They themselves are conspiring against Krishnamurti and sending their men, yet they remain in their own eyes the Stataprajna and the Buddha Purush, and if Jiddu Krishnamurti resists the audacity of these hooligans who have entered his assembly with civility, then he proved to be angry, he did not remain stableprajna.

And the funny thing is that Osho’s illiterate sannyasins take great delight in this and narrate these incidents with a cracking note. His guru has destroyed his morality and common sense.

Osho Rajneesh himself kept plotting so many conspiracies throughout his life from childhood to old age, and kept on getting Lakshmi, Neelam, Vivek and Sheela to commit so many scandals. He himself has mentioned all these conspiracies in great detail. Yet they remain pure Buddhas.

That he is a habitual liar and conspiratorial figure is revealed thousands of times in his autobiography. Whatever they do is all righteousness, even the human behavior of others is immediately made unrighteous.

On the contrary, look at the life and work of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Krishnamurti was declared an incarnation of Gautama Buddha at the age of twenty by the Theosophical Society, the world’s most powerful religious institution. The most influential people in the world had become devoted to him. If he were a little trickster like other famous babas and yogis of India, he could rule the world.

But he politely denied this and proceeded alone. He rejected the claim of being an incarnation of the Buddha and gave a rich vision to the new humanity while living a normal life in ordinary dress throughout his life.

Just imagine, if there was a Ram Rahim, Asaram or this registered God in his place, what would he not have done?

Understand the five star babas of India and avoid them.

These people are so cunning that they ruin the entire generation and keep the country and society entangled in rebirth and the soul God. With the connivance of the then ruling class and the rich people, they maintain the poisonous system.

Such a crooked Baba is the leprosy of this society of this country. They know how to justify every conspiracy, every trickery in some way or the other.

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