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Cigarette Meditation !

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Aayush Tiwari –

Focussing on breath is the crux of most of the yoga meditation techniques. Be it Buddha’s Vipasana, be it Osho’s Dynamic Meditation or be it the ancient Shambhavi Mahamudra, all super efficient meditation techniques deploy the breath flux as a tool to harmonise the body/mind/soul.

Breath is the only phenomenon that is something happening in present that can be tapped and rest all are just products thoughts, pendulums swinging in past and future. Breath is connected to those invisible hands that operate from the super- concious even when we sleep, and applying yoga, meditation on breath patterns examples are speak a thousand and one live examples where the yogis have lived upto a thousands of years, here on earth itself. Else no exercise, no practice had ever been sucha guarantee, you never know when the lup dup stops no matter you try what all yoir life.

In the light of the above a burning query of millions seekers from times unknown remains the same, and that is – Yes all that is ok but “How to focus on breath”. Such a fierce restless phenomenon human mind is that how to get rooted in the breath is like “How to tie the bell across the cat’s neck”.

There are many teachers and preachers around the world that tell the mice how to tie the bell but here we focus on something unheard and something that can leave you dumbfounded, THE CIGARETTE-MEDITATION!

If you are a smoker, try using the ciggerate in hour hands as meditation, if you are not, don’t be a fool hardy.

As compared to setting focus on inhalation exhalation garland it is much easier to witness it with puffs of smoke going in and out. Air cant be connected with consciousness so easily but ciggerate smoke with all it’s awareness-shots can make the nut easier to be cracked.

Position yourself in padm-asan with eyes closed, back straight and with every drag, ride on the smoke horse as the cycle repeats. You will be surprised to know that one ciggerate can be enough (over hours of futile attempts of mastering the breath).

Besides this, based on candid conversations with more than a dozen seekers who practiced this, at the Palwasana/Mehsana Osho Ashram, Gujrat, it became apparent that 8out of 10, could simply get over this compulsion with an effortless grace. The non doing, no coercion approach hence enabled them to quit smoking forever.


This was my smoker’s dilemma too. For 15 years approx, I fluttered and struggled with all those “New Year Resolutions” and ” I promise Honey” gimmicks never worked. However The Cigarette Meditation did the unprecedented, the unexpected and another brick in the wall was added in the pursuit to self discovery

At Osho Mehsana ashram in Gujrat, I finally gave this experiment a shot and to be true not only it helped me explore deeper realms of my being but also that “Gold Flake Packet” dropped from my hands there and then. It simply lost its significance and I flew like a hawk pursuing higher goals of self- actualisation where smoking was proving to be the biggest impediment . Again I repeat it’s not about me only and non smokers must not try. But as far as the chain smokers are concerned the Ciggerate Meditation has a science backing it up with space- time-consciousness theories intertwined with various tenets of self awareness. The moment your life energy watches/witnesses this smoke, undiminished, you are out of it, as it has a potential to teleport you till the zone of active Sushupti. Chalk out a couple of cigars, seek guidence if needed for the purpose and may gid be with you – The quantum leap will be taken, amen!

(This real life story in this reference link below might be of tremendous help, as far as the cigarette meditation is concerned).

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