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From the Body of the ‘Bodyless’ – Madhu and Madhu-kaitabh.

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Aayush Tiwari –

There is an art of reading scriptures. If you have got that knack of decoding them then many a times they may be full of divine humor. Laughter, then really becomes the best medicine, as bliss is holy. May be that’s why Raman Maharishi once handed over a book of jokes to the nihilist of the era – UG Krishnamurthy.

Well, in furtherance to thag let me introduce you to the most cute demon dudes, Madhu and Madhu Kaitabh. “Oh where the hell are we? Who are we ? What is the purpose of being here ? What is this water ( God Particles – The Higs Bosons) all around ? “

These are some deeply existential, spiritual and philosophical questions we all seekers are fed up with . But the above mentioned questions in reference to the context are not raised by some sage or yogi, but by the two demons of vedic antiquity representing the duality.

Mentioned in the First ‘Skandha’ of Shreemad Devi Bhagwad Puran, the reference of Madhu and Madhu-Kaitabh ( Duality of zero and one ) comes as a curious intellectual inquiry of the mind underpinned on the ‘Kaaran’ Shareer, ie The Aham Bhav or The Ego.

Their mention is also very indicative in the super powerful ‘Mahishasur Mardini Strotra’ as far as the Naad or the power of rhythm (“Akshar” omkar) is concerned.
. Coming back to the scripture, these two demons were born out of the ear wax of Lord Vishnu. Here, Ved Vyas wants to indicate that with a little non- mindfulness, with a slight non- awareness, even from the ‘body’ of the body- less ‘beyond body’, vices grow.

There are many keys for liberation in this story. We spare a date for that mega release but as of now why not mark a prologue on the digital cloud with an example. Lord Vishnu fought these demons for thousands of years as per the Pratham Skandh of The Devi Puran and this simply means that the bodily pull is so strong on the way of “Karm Yoga” that it took thousands of years even for the the omnipotent, to overcome them (that too with the active assistance of the devi).
These Madhu and Madhu-Kaitabh are the symbolic representation of every twist and turn that comes in a seeker’s voyage towards truth. As these demons challenge the ‘Bramha’, ie the ‘Bramh tatv’ the same old battle of Soul vs the ego commences. War based on their questions begin and Krishna (Vishnu as per Devi Puran) as per his declaration( Repeated in the Bhagwad Gita) had to run for the rescue.

Actually these demons are the personification of the eternally restless human quest, rooted in duality. This quest gets quenched, finally ,once and for all, as these demons let their ego get beheaded, on the lap of the ‘Purush’ (Vishnu). Having understood ‘Para’ – Prakriti’s (Devi’s) codes they end up their doer sense at their will and that is the context sketched by Vyas to elaborate on the concept of dwij. Hence this iconic tale and the comical characters Madhu and Madhu-Kaitabh have a lot to teach us. Learn from them as if they are just like the inverse of the Nar Narayana story ( Nar and Narayana reincarnating s Arjun-Krishna adi avtar in the era of crisis(Kalyug)).

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