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GHANDABHERUND VS SHARBHA : The Celestial Vishnu- Shiva War.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The Ghandabherund Avtar.

Forget thoughts, this comes from the zone where even intuitions can’t reach – The Ghandabherund Avtar of Lord Narsingh( Vishnu).

Well before we move into the enigmatic war between Ghandabherund and Shiva, expedient it is to remind you of the prologue sketched as a symbolic message by the one and only ‘spontaneous’ avtar of Vishnu – Lord Narsingha.

From there to where ever, from lightyears to quanta – till where ever human thoughts can reach the divine starts one inch ahead was Vishnu’s roar as his claws pierced into the untamed human arrogance. The demon Hiranyakashipu had calculated each and every avenue to touch immortality. He was not a normal being but an austere sadhak of Brahma and having sought his grace his ego almost reach till the highest realization: the virtual ” Aham Brahmasmi’.

What happened next is what happens with most of us with a little mundane success. Ego came in the picture and the yogi turned devil. Trying the coup having been frustrated, exasperated with hia son Prahlad’s unconditional surrender to that one supreme power’ he invited trouble and Narsingha manifested.

“I may not die in air, nor in land. Neither any animal may kill me nor any human may harm me. Neither in day nor in the night” and so on and so forth were his conditions conceptualizing mortality and Lord Narsingha (as usual with Vishnu)dint fit in any of the mental carapace.

Hiranyakashipu was ripped apart, torn like a piece of paper, (just like our ego is torn by the truth)and hence the devil met a horrendous death and hence the story ends. No, this is the point where the real story begins.

What happened next was kept away from the folklore realms as it was ‘aqua regia’ ( the nitric acid, sulphuric acid combo) any mental metal could deal with . The anger unleashed as Narsingha slayed Hiranyakashipu was unstoppable and no sage, saint, lord, god goddess dared to come in the way. None was able to decipher how the umiverse or may be the multiverse would be saved henceforth.

This was the time when the Neelkanth, Shiva ran for rescue again. When there seemed no way to stop the supreme ravager from a complete annihilation lord shiva
ran for rescue in the same way as he had stepped in when the halahal emanating from samudra manthan shimmered and all the ambrosia seekers ran away. When all back down, the last man standing steps up and that is satyam shivam sundaram.

The Sharbha avtar of Shiva, a fierce combination of Veerbhadra, Bhairav and Rudra assailed Narsingha which had by then upgraded itself as the ineffable Ghandabherunda to combat the onslaught .

The celestial fight continued for 18 days when finally the Shiva Vishnu torque got nullified towards the universal centre of gravity created by Prahalad’s live and the pinnacle of cosmic governing dynamics finally found the Nash Equilibrium as Prahalad cried. Shiva dissolved the Ghandabherund.

The ‘pauranic katha’ till Narsingha tearing apart Hiranyakashipu is in common public domain. Nevertheless the war we discussed above is the upgraded version of the telepathic AI war of the future. Each word of this war therefore is a symbolic representation encapsulating the whole lot of quantum, relativity, electo – spiritual sciences being developed with leaps and bounds across the world.

No one can claim a monopoly of his or her version behind this farsighted message coded in GHANDABHERUND VS SHARBHA therefore we confess our limitations here and shall welcome the various school of thoughts that may brainstorm the latent oracle in not a distant future.

(Color catches the eye, a picture is worth a thousand words, so sharing this link with due courtesy to it’s creators for optimised visualization).

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