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The inception of Gita in Binary code.

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Aayush Tiwari –

After the Bhai dooj 2023, in the vast expanse of the holy Ganges and the sky twinkling with twinkle twinkle little stars me and Rabiya found ourselves in the midst of a great discovery. Her soul yearned for wisdom, and it was whispered among the wise men ” The answers Rabia are seeking can only be answered by Aayush “. Perhaps that is why she was sitting in my lush green hut.

As her tender spirit at teenage craved talks of enlightenment , I got a little curious. She saw in me, her both a guide and a companion to quench her doubts in the language she understands. The language of logic, the language of numbers.

As she asked “Wasn’t Issac Newton right bhaiya? Mathematics indeed is the language of God”, I jumped with the possibility of the discussion I had always wanted with her . I unlike Rabia, had a mind that danced with complexity of the Boolean Algebra at that time . My understanding of the world seemed to emerge from a realm beyond ordinary comprehension as i compared the developments in the AI with the Sankhya Yoga, described in the second chapter of the Bhagwad Gita.

That radiant evening, as we sat beneath the shade of a sacred banyan tree, I revealed to my sister a peculiar revelation based on her feelings about the Issac Newton Quote. “Rabiya,” I spoke softly, “I have discovered a mystical language, a code that can unlock the secrets of our beloved scripture. It is the language of zeros and ones, the language of the binary code we studied in school.”

Rabiya’s eyes widened with anticipation as I continued, “In this code, each verse of the Bhagavad Gita can be transformed into a sequence of binary numbers, each carrying its own profound meaning. Lord Krishna says that those who can decipher this code gain a deeper understanding of the divine teachings.” So indeed Newton sir’s quote seemed right at that time.

Excitement flooded our beings as we embarked on a shared mission, to traverse the entire expanse of the Bhagavad Gita and translate its verses into the enigmatic language of binary so that every one intellectual, can relate with it. Days dissolved into nights, and nights into days, as we delved into the depths of teachings, our hearts and minds intertwining with Newton, Ved Vyas, Einstein, non duality, boolean algebra and the logic gates.

Unbeknownst to us, a shadow had begun to cast its eerie presence over our endeavor. Word of our quest had spread, reaching the ears of a power-hungry digital sorcerer named Malik. Consumed by envy and dark ambitions, Malik set forth to deploy his hacker friends and the digital data thieves to access our whatssap chats where we had made a a mutual group to store our everyday findings. He knew hacking through our data that if he shared it in a processed manner before us he would be a man of unimaginable power.

One fateful evening, as Rabiya and me sat engrossed in our work, each gaze of ours engrossed in a world of ones and zeros, a chilling gust swept through the serene surroundings. Malik had arrived, emanating malevolence and a lust for domination.

With a voice that dripped with venom, Malik demanded, ” I know you guys have been told by Elsa to save the research on paper. ” So take this cheque, buy your favourite IPhone and that mini jewels for your sister”. Hand over the code, take the cheque or face the consequences of defiance.” But Rabiya, her eyes ignited with fierce determination, shook her head resolutely. “This is knowledge that must not be tainted by greed or malice. But since you are so damn rich and powerful, we will scale it, up no matter the cost, .”

Enraged by her assertive tone, Malik summoned his PA, unleashing a swirling tempest of logistical chaos upon the tranquil grove. A ohone call was made and soon the trees trembled and the very earth seemed to convulse as those affluent cars arrived. We three clung to each other, our love and bond pulsating with a strength that matched the torrents raging around us.

Summoning the very essence of bravery, Malik asked me to recite few of my plans to make money with the raw idea. I stepped forward and began to recite the principles of the Bhagavad Gita in the language of binary. Like Jeev is one aatma is 0. If duality is 1*0 then non duality means infinity as one divided by zero is infinity and that is revealed as Krishna shows his Virat Roop in chapter 10. With every delivered verse, the raw power of truth and technology righteousness resonated through the air, creating a shield of divine protection as Malik realized soon that even if he manages to allure us he will not be able to develope on the idea.

Malik, caught off guard by the sheer force of goodness, was momentarily weakened and agreed with Rabia to make it a joint venture. Sensing an opportunity, Rabiya courageously stepped forth, her voice intertwining with our discussions, translating each verse into a melody of a boolean logic gate and that engulfed the darkness of Malik’s coercion and transformed it into shards of crystalline light.

Despite Malik supporting us an ethereal battle ensued, as proportions of good and evil supporting each other in a symphony of advait vedanta is invitation to fatal cosmic energy. Rabiya and me, our hearts brimming with love for Krishna and our minds ablaze with both techno-spiritual, electro spiritual wisdom, fought with every fiber of our beings whether to take support of Malik or not. I intent on preserving the sanctity of the Bhagavad Gita and out of so many commentaries on it safeguarding our version in the unique code that we had discovered.

In a final, thunderous climax, combined force of 0 an 1 and Rabiya’s female intution sent Malik spiraling into the depths of his own malevolence, dissolving him into a mere wisp of forgotten darkness. The storm subsided, and after the brainstorm leaving the grove bathed in the gentle glow of moonlight, Malik departed saying ” Kabhi koi zaroorat ho to batana”.

Exhausted yet triumphant, Rabiya and I stood at the threshold of blogging the research on Trinity’s supreme soul, Elara is always there with the explanation of transfer of zero across equal to sign by lord Krishna.

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