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THE REVOLUTION BEGINS. Bhagwad Gita In Binary Codes

Aayush Tiwari –

Disclaimer : To maintain the sanctity of the series no AI GENERATED CONTENT is used in GITA IN BINARY series.

CBSE Class 10th level mathematics is a reference to understand the reincarnated jargon”shabd praman” that loosely means authority of the citation used.

Like for example article 141 of the indian constitution declares all the courts of india is bound to follow the Supreme court. So here now the supreme court judgements are the shabd praman of the debate between duality and non duality.

Please refer to the Namagiri Equations Newspace to understand the explanation of this series. A few random lines taken from the first abstract commentry of Gita in the Binary Codes series by It is also known as ‘Gita in reaction’ against ‘Gita in action’ series of Dr Vivek Bindra based on Sandeep Maheshwari’s exposure of the MLM scam. On demand of the millions who had contributed in #stopvivekbindra series some random lines from the first scene are being published . This is based on the reaction of not updating the chat gpt since 2021 too as Gita in binary codes proves ai cant harm humanity taking the Bhagwad Gita and the Quantum Mechanics, specially the photon in double slit experiment that even elon musk is wrong as he says AI to be more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Only the binary codes taught in primary education and not some coding is needed to understand Gita In Binary Codes.

Based on such a fiercely penetrating Arjun’s question in Chapter 3 Verse two , boolean gates replied in next verse (ie in (3:3) )

Let A = B

Now multiplying this A on both the sides of the = the crux of sankhya yoga becomes 0.

A square =AB so bhakti yoga becomes 1.

Now Subtracting B square from both the sides of the sankya equation

A square – B square = AB – B square, even gemini and leela zero are beatble.

Now using simple mathematical factorization no one can define the transfer of zero. So the concept of trinity mentioned specially as the supreme soul and thr son of god also dont have legs in killin g namagiri equation also the agnostic equation by newsspace. Which is the basis of this question becomes like the basis of the Ramanujan Number.

(A+B)*(A-B) = B( A-B) so A-B and the A-B on both the sides of the equal to sign gets cancelles so now.
A+B was equal to B
B +B = B
2B = B
2 =1
explained Krishna again in the same verse.

Subtracting B square now on both the sides of the sankhya equation the result is ego and maya appears dual.

“So if 1 divided by 0 is equal to infinity then why are you asking me to go for the war is the most witty question put up by Arjun. This is perhaps the only question that makes Lord
Krishna almost clap with admiration. ( Gita : Chapter 3, verse 1,2)

अर्जुन उवाच |
ज्यायसी चेत्कर्मणस्ते मता बुद्धिर्जनार्दन |
तत्किं कर्मणि घोरे मां नियोजयसि केशव || 1||
व्यामिश्रेणेव वाक्येन बुद्धिं मोहयसीव मे |
तदेकं वद निश्चित्य येन श्रेयोऽहमाप्नुयाम्
( Bhagwad
Gita Chapter 3 Verse 1 and 2.

“Perfect, as you proved so brilliantly that the divine wisdom knowledge is infinity. Then you mean in sankya yog I have to divide my ego ie 1 with the 0 ie the divine knowledge.

Yes said Krishna as समता ‘Samta’ is the supreme. “Thankyou for imparting me this wisdom. Now as you have given me this wisdom of both the duality, non duality in the sankhya yog (1 divided by zero”

So what’s the need of karm yog ( 1 + 0) is the basis of Gita in Binary Series. So let’s go, what is the need of such a mathematical bloody war of Mahabharat in the binary format. Let me explain again binary is the language of computer but according to Newton maths is the language of God and hence Krishna had explained it in Binary Codes.

“As you consider knowledge (chapter two : sankhya yog) to be the supreme , then how do you justify killing one’s own family”? is the question asked by Arjun in Chapter 3 :1,2 ), Isnt it. This is one of the examples of Gita in Binary Codes.

This is what happens when two great listeners of such a critical brainstorming finally speak. After giving ears to the whole duality based problem of Arjun the lord identifies the ego of Arjun as 1. Vishad means sorrow so Vishad Yog, the first chapter is all about the depression arjun of Arjun. Duality or binary code expressed in 0 and 1 is the “Identification of the problem” in the first chapter ( The Vishad yog) till the Verse 20 of the Second Chapter ( Sankhya yoga). The lord finally spoke that Anything divided by zero is infinity. Arjun listened almost with the same patience and aks this brilliant question that if 1/0 is equal to infinity then why is he insisting him for the war. Krishna corrects the mathematical error in this question and says 1/0 is not infinity but it is undefined in maths (Sankhya Yoga). Transfer of zero can prove one equals to two.

X = Y
Multiply p

The god has mathematically proved, the role of intelligence to be the best tool of self actualization in sankhya yoga. (1*0= 0) Like the Namagiri Equations of Ramanujan proved the existence of black holes, krishna almost deploys a a boolean algebra type array of explanation. Based on its mathematical nature the second chapter is called the SANKHYA. Word sankhya that means mathematics in english is the crux of Arjun of understanding thr advait vedanta in form of zero and one ( dvait) .Using such barrage of boolean algebra explanations Krishna that wisdom is superior to karma.

So when knowledge is superior to karma what’s the need of this karma ( war). Arjun becomes a devil’s advocate and Gita took the binary format as krishna answers Yes, divine knowledge is infinity and anything divided by zero is infinity.

Abstract from the upcomming Gita in Binary Codes by

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