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Anal-Haq is ‘Aham Bramhasmi’.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The fight is inside as the demons of lust are right there, within .All the divine statues, deities and the religious scriptures that the mind interprets with the help of outwardly directed sense organs point towards the divinity inside. Invocation of the God inside is the only way to nullify the devil of lust, envy and anger lurking within.

Jihad- al- Akbar, what does it mean? It means the combat is inside and the purification of soul is the objective. Those who navigated till the marina trench of their beings come to a common conclusion that just like this devil, the supreme power is also within and this power is the only last resort to tackle the devil we just discussed above.

The question that is still the poet’s enigma is that then why do we fight? Perhaps the answer to this cannot be enveloped in words . It is important to remind you of Mansoor here. Do you know about this sufi mystic of Syria and what did they do to him ?Mansoor Al-Ḥallāj (858–922), an early Sufi mystic was given the most brutal death sentence in history having been condemned of heresy on account of the ecstatic utterances of Anal- Haq “I am the Truth,” or “I am God.” It’s a curse to be a writer at times because the writer has to live the character it wants to articulate. Writing is very close to the art of method acting. So, it hurts to remind yet it is expedient in the intrest of truth that what Mansur declared was just a replication the universal truth, Aham Bramhasmi mentioned in the Upnishads. This declaration Anal-haq has nothing to do with the mind as it is the voice of the soul. The expression of the supreme understanding, that Ibrahim Maslow called self actualization in his famous hierarchy of needs.

What more can be said to the spiritual ignorance that had always been haunting mankind.This spiritual ignorance and the unscrupulous powers capitalising on this from times unknown is still our artistic dilemma .

What Mansur declared to be Anal-haq is the crux of vedanta. This is Aham Bramhasmi said in a different style. The emphasis is again on the Ravan within, that can only be killed invoking the Ram there in the heart. Heart and ‘Hari’ , the iconic representation. It is the latent message of ours on this auspicious occasion of Dusshera that there is no reason to fight outwardly when everyone who reached till self actualization had the same message for humanity. Humming John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ we chime again ‘nothing to kill or die for’ and for today, conclude here our spiritual abstraction written exclusively for you on a daily basis. Well, may the festival of Dusshera illuminate inner candle of ours and may the divine blessings help us to navigate from darkness towards light. ‘Tamso ma jyotirgamaya’.

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