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Divine is pristine

Navratri Ashtmi special

Aayush Tiwari –

Voice Over Aayush Tiwari

We are moving towards the eighth day of the Navratri and on this light with a great sense of belonging I try to indicate a journey from the form to the formless. From pujan to visarjan. Some background is necessary for that.

As a writer, as a lawyer and as a content creator I always feel the need of novelty and innovation that is the essence of creativity. Creativity is divine and the divine has to be fresh like a dew drop, else the way the mind is designed, it is bound make everything mechanical. We understand that all that is there is the ‘now’ , the present, and the crux of the knowledge of the highest order is always rooted in the ” now or never”. Nevertheless the way mind functions in time, is a repetition of the dead past memories and future imaginations ( that are just mental projections )
This tendency makes everything monotonous and lifeless within any time space frame.

Therefore the only way to differentiate the “divine dynamics” from the stale mundane is its pristine nature.Various forms of Devi are worshiped as the intention of the sages was to keep that vibrancy alive as one meditates on devi images. Monotony was disdained by the wise men and hence divine dynamics was added giving variety and variability to the forms of Devi that we worship.

Statue! take a minute pause here.

Be it noted that after this worship, the nine days of Pujan comes the quantum leap of spirituality the ‘Visarjan’. The movement from the form to the formless. The statue is immersed in the river with great festivity and celebrations. This visarjan after the pujan is very symbolic. This is the jump from the aakar to the niraakar. From form to the formless, as the statues have conveyed it’s message. With visarjan ends the festival and if the hidden meaning is decoded miracles happen.

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