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When Kabir cried ‘thrice’.

Pluviophile that rained across the world.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Sukhiya sab sansaar hai, khawe aur sowe,

Dukhiya Das Kabir hai, jage aur ‘Rove’.

Kabir cries the first time seeing the ignorance of the mediocre. Eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating and sleeping. Oh , Alas to the painters and poets. Alas Socrates and Vincents their wakefulness and the tears. This awareness is the jagran navratri brings in the consciousness.

Chalti chakki dekh ke, diya Kabira ‘rove’.
Do patan ke beech se , sabut gaya na koye.

Kabir cries the second time seeing the universal grinder of time and space. It spares no one who is not under the divine umbrella. The universal grinder and how dreadful is its crushing. Therefore seeking refuge in Devi is indispensable. The constant reminders of ‘namas tasyai , namas tasyai , namas tasyai namo namah’ to the continuous chattering and blabbering mind inside is the only lifeline. Remind and thou shall be saved.

Ram bulawa bhejiya , diya Kabira ‘roye’.
Jo sukh sadhu sang me, so baikunth na hoye

Kabir cries the third time towards the end of life. This realisation that where even in heaven is that bliss possible that is there in the spiritual union of saints and sages. A man is known by the company be keeps. ‘ Bin satsang Vivek na hoye, Ram kripa bin sulabh na koye’. . Surat and samadhi( the king and the merchant) were given wisdom of the Durga Saptshati, and the liberation happened. Seek such pristine amity and though shall be liberated.

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