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When Cruella went to Rome, our Bambi said “Om”.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Our Bambi was tired off her boss. Afterall her boss was just like every boss is. She unfolded the yoga mat and plucked in the earphones and hence started the ‘Aaah relax ‘ , the guided meditation.

A hypnotic voice whispered through earphones ” Aaah, “do’ relaxxx”. And Bambi was ‘doing’ relax. Guided meditation voice went on ” Now you see that yellow light, just between your eyebrows, the third eye. Aaah relax”. Bambi was ‘doing’ relax. The blue light appeared between her eyebrows, but the baba ji had said yellow light must, so our darling was a little confused.

No problem. The baba ji continued “Naaw you are naat yaar baady” and Something in Bambi jumped off her body and that thing was floating somewhere in the air. She could see her body, she could see the Milky Way, she could see the Proxima Centuria . Then the baba ji said say aum and she roared *Omm.

Oh comeon dear Bambi, what you are doing is not meditation but an activity of the same mind that was haggling with the manager at office. Now the mind is the same but now it thinks it’s spiritual. Meditation has nothing to do with thoughta and fanciful imaginations but a prepration to transcend them both.

Anything born in time has to die in time , meditation searches for the timeless. What sense organs perceive be it Bambi’s baba ji or be it his photo but both are sensual activities. Meditation is unfettered consciousness, from the sensory cafe and a
it’s the kiss of the freedom of beyond.

When Cruella was doing its death dance in Rome, and Brutella was slaughtering in Egypt , some wise men realised that within the sensory prison only a devil reigns. The more this devil gets the more it wants and hence see NIMHANS. It reports depression to be a global pandemic.

Martial arts and music, formless dance and wisdom literature you seek else Bambi’s meditation will worsen your mental structure.

Samadhi and satori are just more subtle and sophisticated mental desires turned upside down. Nishkamta, the desire less karma, the raam-kaj is to be understood with intellect and then the meditation born out of that wisdom is something totally different. Look for it. We will keep on you immersing in the ineffable truth of Devi , this navratri. Stay tuned. Happy navratri, jai mata di.

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