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Aayush Tiwari –

As articulated through our various blog posts that out of so many commentaries on the Upanishads the following nine prominent branches of the vedanta, a true sanatani must have probed to deserve to be called a sanatani.

  1. Advaita Vedanta
  2. Dvaita Vedanta
  3. Vishishtadvaita Vedanta
  4. Shuddhadvaita Vedanta
  5. Dvaitadvaita Vedanta
  6. Achintya Bheda Abheda Vedanta

Now including another three prominent vedantic schools that deployed the weapon of negation.




Now out of these nine integral pillars of the vedanta there is a gentleman’s disagreement amongst all : with all except the Bhagwad Gita. Through various shastra-artha ( debate on scriptures) down the glorious horizon of eternal vedic wisdom these experiential scientific differences surface. The inferences from ultra logical debates like the historical debate between Madan Mishr and Adi Shankaracharya had fascinated the scholars of all times as the contradictions popping up hence have twinkled clearly through the vedic mystical sky.

Nevertheless out of all these 9 schools there is 1 crazy critical thinker who is really very very different from the 8 others. Despite all the differences being proved by the Quantum Mechanics, one by one there is one common element in all these eight schools of philosophy, that despite not in harmony with the present day science cant be sidelined.

All the 8 branches mentioned above consider the world to be full of sorrows and a ‘by default’ depressed state of humanity. Mundane desires are the root cause of all sorrows and they lead nowhere – this is a reference point, an experential hypothesis where all these schools agree. They were all in perfect harmony with the western “philos and sophia” experts too (who discovered this intrinsic agony as the existential crisis. Much later testified by the top existentialist western philosophers and their suicides the 8 schools were found true. By modern physics as with the photon in double slit experiment, particle entanglement and the noble prize 2023 the universe seemed illusionary and hence the hypothesis of ‘maya’ gets established with the ” More the devil gets the more it wants” nature of mind.

But this existential crisis and the world being full of sorrows is negated and refuted by this exception : The charvak darshan. One great critical thinker : Charvak is the round peg in the square of the four main vedas.

Charvak did not believe in any of these ‘conceptualizations’ such god, bramh, atma, trinity, duality, non duality, interconnectedness and so on and so forth. Charvak even denied the role of space ( akash element) in the five element theory. For him it’s just the game of four elements and so with the “let’s chill” line of throught, this weekend we thought to make the gen-z a little happy. Charvak advocated that ‘let’s chill’ is the only way and that too with formidable logic.

So even if you cant go deep through these 8 schools of vedanta yet you do understand the crux of a even a few of them, then my friend, Charvak Darshan should not be ignored by you. Charvak has challenged the very hypothesis of the vedanta : ie the world is full of pain and misery till the refuge in god ( spirituality ) is sought. Drink Charvak slowly slowly and understand in contrast with the Advait Vedanta. He is really the only happy, well to go dude in my limited knowledge as far as phililos and sophia are concerned. Let me tell you philosophy is comprised of these two divine words, almost like the ancient greek syllables : ‘philos’ ie love and ‘sophia’ ie wisdom, so love for wisdom is the philos sophia union like the yin yang. To conclude, i repeat again that out of many brilliant explanations, one by an Ex Civil Servant and one of the most beloved teachers of India Mr Vikas Divya kirti is really mesmerizing about Charvak. Exclusively when it comes to explanation of such a complexity .

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