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Navratri Special: Mahishasur is inside, Maa Durga as well.

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Aayush Tiwari –

For nine days and nine nights the fight continued. Afterall who is this buffalo headed Mahishasur whome Devi conquered? Whome the male power could not win.

This mahish is the buffalo, the animal instincts inside us.

“Bura jo dekhan mai chala
Bura na mileya na koe,
jo man khoja aapna,
To mujhse bura na koye”

Yes, the animal instincts inside. That unleash and rapes happen. That explodes and murders, the cold blooded murders happen. This animal instict that pulls human consciousness down has to be conquered.

For nine days continued the fight , nine days of introspection, nine days of prayers , nine days with the Devi are enough .

Folklore says Mahishasur could not be defeated by any male. Yes, the male part is aggression, the femal is passive aggression. We can’t capture the Sun we can just open our windows for the Sunlight to come in. That approach is womanhood. Remember that Yin Yang.

The Devi within, that divine feminine, within needs expression to kill the demon. Symbolic is navratri, Magnum opus is Durga sapt- sati. The beauty of snow white , the power of cinderella will supercede the animal that wants to watch the porn, the incest. Invoke this unbiased feminist within and women empowerment will be the byproduct.

“Ya Veena varddand mandit cara,
Ya shewt padm-asana”.

Happy Navratri to all .

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