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Who is the strongest Lion, Tiger Or Jaguar ?

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Aayush Tiwari –

A PRO- BONO Quiz by newsspace, ‘for’ free study material, ‘for’ the raw legal talents ‘for’ an egalitarian nation building by the future generation.

Welcome to the weekly quiz organized by for a comprehensive study material for CLAT PG 2024, CLAT UG 2024, PCS J 2024 and IBPS Law Officer 2024/25.

This quiz is obviously not a legal, nevertheless it chosen like a yardstick by to gauge the answer drafting skills of the candidates. The other reason to choose this question is to reward the legal aspirants with interview answering flair.

Question :

Why the lion still is heralded as the King Of The Jungle?

Despite :

1) Jaguar of Amazon forests :

( Credits : Nat Geo Wild

and Nature PBS)

2) Tiger

Credit : National Geographic.

Credits : Blondi Foks

3) The Lion King.


Based on the following links the winner must prove why the lion is still considered the king of the jungle.

Award: Legal Study Material worth 10000 Rs for free.

Reference :


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