Use ‘muscle memory’ to crack CLAT 2024.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Can you forget cycling? Can you forget swimming? No. Even if you want to you can’t. Why? Because it has been stored in the muscle memory.

So why not tune in with the tremendous support of this muscle memory while preparing for CLAT PG 2024. How? Can’t you revise your youtube lessons as interesting as Divy Kirti Ji aur Avadh Ojha sir while working out. If you dont work out atleast walk fast revising the discourses so as to kill two birds with one stone. (Sorry to use this adage Ek teer se do shikar).

By doing so as you come to rest then your muscle memory gets connected with your brain memory. Brain memory although is really a very broad term. So work out clean up the soul by sweating out the rubbish. Then connect the muscle memory with the lessons learnt while working out while sitting exclusively in the Zenscape Meditation for at least 15 minutes. You will crack CLAT 2024.

See one nun chuck jibe on the head and all memory, name place animal thing goes, but can the breathing go away? Can the digestion stop. No, because that is the the storehouse of the muscle memory that is infinite via karmas of million of life spans.

So if you can take inputs on CLAT 2024 while doing any mindful physical activity your muscle memory will help you to crack the exam by deploying the subconscious mind ( where both are same).

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