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Advocate Aayush Tiwari –

Commencing with the answer that made the IBPS interview panel clap.

This write up is not to brag but for some real value addition in the field of legal education. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has always been a mesmerizing option for the law students aspiring for a reputable Government Job. The digital cloud is supersaturated with the study material and lectures indispensable for prepration while expert tips regarding the third stage prepration, ie the interview are also there on the internet to help the students.

Nevertheless, today i want to share my personal experience and the context where just with the second question the interviewer started clapping and I managed to procure the highest marks in IBPS LAW OFFICER, interview 2020. (Repeating again this blog pist is not to flaunt but to contribute an iota for mankind).

So the interview, based on a context the gentle man chairing the panel asked me “So, who is the strongest man in the world? “. It was apparent that the president of the United States, ( at that time the president was Donal Trump) would be my answer. To their utter surprise my answer was “Jerome Powell”, the CEO of the Federal Reserve.

Their eyes glimmered and non verbal appreciation shimmered as I explained how in the hub of the capitalist superpower the association of the richest banks make the Federal Reserve omnipotent on earth. No right to information etc applies on it and as I cited reflecting upon the Federal Reserve’s role in funding various national election campaign they told me to stop with a grin of being awed. Before I could have completed, the board nodded acknowledging gesture and it turned out to be the shortest interview of that day.

Since my answer was in the tone of conspiracy theory, I was under an impression that such a short interview is indicative of a pathetic performance. His clap I thought to be a satire. However to my utter surprise I was simply awed witnessing the final result. I had scored the highest marks in the interview.

Now to conclude repeating that this is not to flaunt but a initiative to guide the exam aspirants in a unique way. As we weave our learnings tailoring them with real life experiences, we start living up the syllabus in our veins. The content flowing in the blood in accord with the daily life hum drum does miracles. Like understanding the muscle memory while working out in the Green Park stadium the coach gave me tips to use this muscle memory for studies as well. So, back to IBPS again, as we start relating our knowledge based on the finances with the Union Budget for example, then such spontaneous answers get generated automatically in the mind. In fractions of second later, they rock the listners.

This blog is just to mark an abstract inception. As far as IBPS LAW OFFICER and CLAT PG are concerned we take an oath for as much contribution in this realm as possible. 2 minutes read and a current shall run up the spine, such would be the newfound tips. Don’t miss out on our coverage on how to use the muscle memory to crack CLAT 2024. It is not confined to CLAT but also encompasses the IBPS LAW OFFICER.

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