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What is this Nolo doing with vedantic ‘Neti-Neti’

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Aayush Tiwari –

Nolo means I don’t want this I don’t want that. Neti- neti is a jargon from the vedanta that means not this, not even this.

Many blissful and tranquil experiences happen on the path of meditation, but not this , not even this is the ultimate truth says the concept of neti neti.

“Jab mai tha tab Hari nahi ,
jab Hari hain tab mai nahi”.

Why? Sense organs can sense the light, but they can’t sense the darkness. Because darkness is not an stimulation of photons but absence of any stimulation

Like the electrodes can measure the waves of mind and say it is relaxed if it’s at the delta state. Less relaxed if it’s in the alpha state. Till the time even a single ripple of vibration is there mind is at work and the seeker must not cling to that. That is neti neti, that should be the nolo. Mind that always keeps on chattering even while sleeping(dreams) when vanishes in silence , all that remains is bliss. This noise of thoughts, the blabbering of emotions when they all cease to exist , that is a state of no-mind, where tremendous life energy of the consciousness is throbbing without any interruption.

This state is more relaxing , beyond imagination. More recharging than even the state of deep sleep(Sushupti) , this state is called Turiya.

If electrodes are put around a Buddha and a Mahavira the instrument will not be able to measure whether Buddha is more peaceful or the vice versa. Both Mahavira and Buddha are dwelling In the same state of absolute bliss. It’s the sachidanand, the shivoham. From that altitude comes the truth “Aham Bramhasmi”. Don’t stop till that point , don’t cling to any experience before that, don’t get obsessed with anything other than that. ‘Charaiveti – charaiveti’ Move on, keep moving on the spiritual expressway. Don’t stop else the brain will make even deepest meditation mechanical and boring with time.

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