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Durga Saptshati explained :

Navratri special

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Aayush Tiwari –

Oh, Ma Kali drinks blood so we also offer animals, our Bali. Alas! Kali drinks blood of the ‘rakt-beej’ inside, offer this devil’s blood and forgive that goat.

Surati and Samadhi (the emperor and the Merchant ) to whome Durga Saptshati ( From the Markendey Puran)was transmitted , remained awake all night, so we also do the jagran. The loudspeakers are here. No. That ‘ jagran’ is the choice-less awareness or the nirvikalp samadhi ‘jagran’ or inner awareness towards the consciousness.

I, said sorry to myself last night as heart is wounded seeing hardly anyone cares or has anything to do with the “jagran” (the awareness) that Durga Pujan intends to bring in consciousness. Still my soul could not resist and duty-bound I feel to shed some light on the basic premise of Saptshati, atleast.

Durga Shaptshati is revolving around three Prime Devis for liberation and three prime devilish instincts ( on the grounds of three gunas of nature (Tam, Raj, Sat) The three gunas like the structure of the atom (Electron, neutron, proton). Like Brahma Vishnu Mahesh . Like the creator, operator destructor).

Mahakali( tamo guni), is the first Devi who helped Vishnu slaughter demons Kaitabh and Madhu-kaitab. 2nd Devi, between chapter 2 to 4 is the Maha Laxmi (Durga)( Rajo guni) who slays Mahishasur. And the third from chapter 5 to 15 Maha Saraswati(Sato Guni) who annihilates Shumh andNishumbh.

From the first to the fifteenth chapter of Durga Saptshati is enshrined the war between prakriti(the Devi) and the instincts (the devil). But the central scripture is all about Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Maha- Saraswaati putting an end to Kaitabh, Madhu-kaitab, Mahishasur and Shumbh/Nishumbh respectively. In- between comes all that happens on the way to liberation.

For example, Chand- mund arrives and Ma Chamunda with the khappar and
that khacch! Rakt-beej the vicious thoughts that branch out from thoughts itself like weed and Ma Chandika and Kali ending the seed of thought itself.

Chand mund, Raktbeej, Dhrumb-lochan and so on and so forth all are agents of the great devils and as these devils are slaughtered the prakriti inside is restored to order again , towards the end of Saptsati, Chapter 15. Deforestation, ozone depletion, Global warming, Mental disorders. These demons are causing the onslaught outside as they bring perils inside with the natural harmony of our beings. Far sighted is the message and it must be understood with least literatury corruption.

The battle is within, the jagran is within. The harmony within shall bring the harmony outside.

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”
Swami Vivekanand.

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