From goddess to girlfriend

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Aayush Tiwari –

If you worship any form of the goddess your motherly love and respect will stop you from going crazy, wild and untamed. Search for eternity is not a lifeless submission to the natural ethics but an intense love affair with the divine feminine nature of energy. Shakti is indispensable to reach till Shiva and perhaps that is why one of the most revered manifestations of Shiva is the ardhnarishwar. Shakti or power you harness from nature (prakriti) propels the rocket of consciousness beyond the escape velocity till the timeless mahakaal( Shiva).

Random thought patterns of a human mind lack that energy and therefore your thinking or any meditation technique that is a product of your thinking won’t get you even near the agnostic. Insane love and passion towards consciousness is the fuel for the mind to fall into the endless domain of the soul. Yes consciousness is feminine, it is shy and won’t communicate you through her divine silence till you kick out the world out of your being and get obsessed with its feminine maneuvers that are so delicate and subtle.

The quest born out of the fear of unknown or the demolishing of conditioned thought patterns due to a trauma is also a way that ignites the gunpowder of your search for truth. The fear that assails as you realise the futility behind everything that you can experience makes you choiceless towards the pursuit of the only thing that matters. Master strokes of vedanta call it Nirvikalp Samadhi. Yes , but why to wait till the point where the suffering paralyses your sensory perceptions and the vanity of the mundane depletes your life energy. The process is slow and it burns the natural vibrancy eventually distorting the vitality that is needed for salvation. Ride on the power of love rather being a spiritual vagabond for millions of life cycles. Don’t be an obedient servant of the goddess, be the prince, be the lover that deserves. May you be liberated, amen.

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