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Reading books is wind, watching videos is windy.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Can Reading and writing be substituted by videos and documentaries? No, no , no! We understand, with change many feel strange and frown at the classics. We don’t intend promoting some old school of thought advocating ‘those good old days”.
“Ab na rahe vo pine Wale ab na rahi vo madhushala”

we understand

“Apne yug me sabko adbhut gyat huyi apni hala”.

In that light we don’t emphasise sticking to a rock in the rapid flux of time. All that we yearn is to promote those eyes of that kid. Those eyes that you see in your childhood photographs .

A video you watch and a thousand images per second stimulate your retina. That is stimulation and digital excitement is being generated. Reading has something to do with childhood. That creative portion of mind that envelopes words, plots , pictures and processes creativity. Watching is never that deep, it is stimulating but not spiritual. Reading is wind , watching is windy. Books are aeolian, blogs are dalian .

‘A’ for Apple, and the kid is connected with a picture of an apple. Even when the childhood has said tata bye bye, leading us into the 9 hour job and “yoo those weekend party s”, that child is still alive. This child pops out as 5qe read, as we write.

Write and not type. We are classically conditioned brains like Ian Pavlo’s pet and have stored that A for apple with our childhood’s summer of 69. Yes, “those were the best days of my life”. Bryan Adams.

As we read that childhood reincarnates again in our tired professional lifestyle. ‘V’ for vampire and the V for video. We must make some distance with this V. This V that invisible bombardment of photons on the delicate screen of brain. This develops a silent noise and gradually makes us noisy. We can’t understand it’s perils at that moment , but buddy , that honking of horns inside! The mental traffic jam is accumulating, beware of it!

With changing times adaptation to the change can’t be sidelined. But a thing of beauty is joy forever. Reading and writing must not die. Save it . Writers have caused revolutions, readers have caused evolution. Watching videos and documentaries have its own importance, but candlelight can not be substituted by tubelight. Shakespeare and Milton , Dinkar and Iqbal , Galib and Guru Nanak, they talk through their books. It’s a live communication . Their energy kiss the reader and it’s the reader who eventually becomes a revolutionary writer.

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