As men reduce it to psychology and women to biology.

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Aayush Tiwari –

That, that is neither psychology nor biology but a transcendence of both, here we are concerned with ‘that’ . If you have ever wondered why men had been so vocal about mysticism while the women who got near the truth preferred to remain silent then this article might hit the bull’s eye. This write up is not intended to beat about the bush along the observations articulated in works like “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”, rather this is to point out the gigantic melodrama swirling these days around the so called positive/negative ‘vibes’, the law of attraction, past life regression, aura and so on and so forth. It is an established fact that in general women are more expressive about their feelings but when the spiritual altitude increases and the bliss unleashed in the self realisation, the equations of the mundane turn upside down.

Men reduce the profound spiritual discoveries to their thinking mechanism , emanating illusionary stories of even the slightest rest that the restless mind falls into and therefore are more often super loaded with mere hollow words trying to express their fairy tales to the world. The thought by its very nature is desperate for expression and hence most of the enlightenment seekers become a parrot mechanically repeating scriptures , verse after verse completely missing their essence.

Women on the other hand are closer to the truth at higher altitudes of self actualization but at the initial levels levels of sadhna they are far more prone to be victimized by all the nonsense going on in the name of meditation.

Hence the gurus these days are generally more impactful on the females as with the experience of relaxation induced by these tranquilizer sort of meditative practices the biology convinces the women unconsciously that it is something spiritual and hence the drama of the vibes, vibrations, out of body experience, past life regression and what not, commences. Men are hard nuts to be cracked here but as they dive deeper they get mind boggled by a mere glimpse that shines from the ‘beyond mind’ .

The advait vedanta divides the evolution of human consciousness in four states : Jagriti, dream, dreamlessness (sushupti) and enlightenment (Turiya) .The beyond mind that is even beyond the state of ‘sushupti’ (that happens in the deep dreamless sleep) and the consciousness to get stabilized in ‘turiya’ that is all there beyond sushupti is the destination of every spiritual Magnum Opus. Osho, perhaps the most influential contemporary mystic drew the most relatable analogy with this state in his revolutionary discourse “From sex to super consciousness”, pointing those moments in sexual intercourse where the person gets close to ever lasting meditation. physical urge psychologically and hallucinate feelings during orgasam.

The silence that showers from eternity once the being establishes itself in turiya is not the silence imposed from social suppression or cultivated disciplines. It is the very nature of the self and in this state lies the unending joy.

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