They ate each other alive : “Shaking the jar experiment”

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Aayush Tiwari –

A scientist filled a jar with hundreds of black ants and red ants to observe something uncanny. The ants found their soft sweet corners within the jar and dint harm each other. Rather a caring emphatic behaviour was observed by the jar prison inmates till adversity struck.

What came next gives the goosebumps. The scientist started shaking the jar violently and you know what, the red ants and the white ants ate each other alive.

It’s important for us all that before we flow in the blood thirsty drives we must stop for a moment, close the eyes and check vigilantly, afterall who is shaking the jar – Vis Major or a Revolutionary.

What Rousseau wrote, the words of Jefferson, Lenin’s fire, Emerson’s impact for example shook the world like leaves shake in a cyclone. American Revolution, French Revolution, Red Revolution and see the black ants, red ants ate each other up. When revolutions happen, what writers write, what orators speak, this world starts shaking like that jar and the men within turn cannibals.

Stop within, with closed eyes observe whether its really a natural earthquake or the mob lynching there on streets is really a product of the shaking jar effect.

The beauty of this write up lies in abstraction and the message will fall like a bombshell if we dont conclude rather leave it on the readers the message encrypted within the tip of the ice berg.

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