Traditional Dishes from Uttarakhand: A Must Try for Every Traveler

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When we think of Uttarakhand, the first things that come to mind are its majestic mountains and gushing rivers. This beautiful state is known for its wilderness and proximity to nature, making it a prime vacation destination for travelers around the country. However, what many people don’t know is that Uttarakhand also has a rich culinary heritage, with some lip-smacking and healthy traditional dishes that you wouldn’t want to miss when you’re here next.

Here are some traditional dishes from Uttarakhand that you need to try on your next vacation:

  1. Kafuli: A blend of green leafy vegetables and rich in nutrients, Kafuli is a must-serve in every traditional household. Made with spinach and fenugreek leaves, this dish will keep you healthy and happy at all times!
  2. Bhang ki chutney: In Uttarakhand, we take the concept of bhang to a whole new level with Bhang ki chutney. Prepared with bhang seeds, cumin seeds, and other healthy ingredients, it has a tangy tamarind flavor that adds spice to your meal.
  3. Kandalee ka saag: If you’ve enjoyed Sarso ka saag from Punjab, you can’t miss the adventurous dish of Kandalee ka saag. Made from a plant called “Bicchu ghas,” which is generally considered dangerous in the wild, this dish is a rich source of Vitamin A and a must-try from the numerous delicacies that Uttarakhand offers.
  4. Garhwal ka Fannah: As quirky as the name of this dish sounds, it’s actually a very healthy, protein-rich lentil soup that is famous in areas like Mussoorie. You’ll be able to find it in every traditional restaurant in the region.
  5. Kumaoni Raita: Served with almost every meal in Uttarakhand, Kumaoni raita is a source of freshness with its cold curd and cucumber. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll want to keep asking for more.
  6. Baal mithai: A very famous chocolate-based sweet from Almora, Baal mithai is a must-have souvenir to introduce anybody to the sweetness of Uttarakhand. Coated with sugar balls, this dish is an explosion of everything nice in your mouth.
  7. Singori: Another famous dessert from the streets of Almora, Singori is made with khoya and wrapped in maalu leaf. It looks and tastes amazing.
  8. Arsa: A dessert for diet-conscious people, Arsa is a form of pancake made with rice flour. It’s popular in all local households and served during festivities and occasions.

So, the next time you’re in Uttarakhand, make sure to try these traditional dishes. As much as the “pahaad vaali maggi” attracts you, give these local delicacies a try and you won’t be disappointed, assured!

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