Helium ‘Zz’ Hydrogen Bomb ! Alas let’s run.

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Aayush Tiwari –

The sun shines so bright. So why not enjoy the vista rather musing on the information you already have. But In short I wanna sketch some laughter in the beautiful canvas of your eyes. Don’t worry we will run.

The source of Sun’s energy is the Hydrogen.

The nuclear fusion , that goes on booming like Hydrogen Bomb in Sun makes the winters so sultry and here we are at the beach. The chain nuclear reaction of Hydrogen turning into Helium in Sun is boom boom boom that silenced even the Silent Sam. The Damad damad damad ninad of Shiv tandav has something to do hear but let the right time come. The naad brahm also explains the importance of Helium 3 but let that demand come.

Ok, so a little demand has come . Want to know the spiritual angle too. So what am I waiting for. Oh when all this Hydrogen of the Sun will all be used up, our sun will collapse at one point and that is the black hole . The black hole that has such a gravitational pull that it engulfs even the light beams. It will engulf the solar system ,all its babies , the planets and even their moons. The age of the Sun ,the Solar System that cosmic ‘that’ are predicted based on this Hydrogen Helium love affair. Their break up also happens and that is the boom, the doomsday, the pralay the quyamat.

“Jug sahastra jojan par bhanu(Sun)” . Tulsidas also had a fair cosmic idea. Nevertheless the Hanuman Chalisa he wrote and this particular line you must have already recited in the morning prayers. So let’s go ahead.

Helium 3 levels are fluctuating. Ok. So what you may ask? This Helium 3 is a renewable source of energy and you know what, it’s a clean fuel. All international games are all about energy , and the future is all about harnessing renewable sources of energy. Helium 3 is therefore very important.

It’s also the reason that makes Indian lunar landing in 2023 so significant. That pole of moon, as you know, where we landed is enriched with Helium 3 and hence we are the upgraded Neil’s Arm Strong , may be version 10.

Earth, is protected by its magnetic field, the Moon nevertheless is continuously bombarded with large quantities of Helium-3 by the solar wind.

So the chandrayan, the black hole. The importance of Helium 3 and its relation with the Hydrogen Bomb we have revised in a blink and we are upgraded. Tulsidas has also said hello to us with his calculated distance between Earth and the Sun. We will return as per your requirements on the subject , till then Johny is revising the periodic table The HYDROGEN, HELIUM , Lithium, Boron , Oxygen and so on and so forth. He will pester with his questions but Johny Johny should also end with Yes papa. Keep in touch for our new updates.

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