Jada Pickett Smith and that Smith’s tight slap resonates again.

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Aayush Tiwari –

That bang still is echoing in the heart of Oscar community. The bang that emanated as Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Brown on stage in Oscars 2023. Smith was brutally trolled and is facing the music still for his conduct. Chris on the other hand bagged global sympathy and kept on bombarding profanity on the Smith family whenever possible.

So is this funny? Is this what we call comedy?

Mrs Smith opened up recently that Chris Rock had approached her when her heart was bleeding. It hurts remembering the manhood that is always ready to give shoulder to a woman as she weeps Where that manhood is hiding these days? We urge you to ponder on what Chris gave when she was fighting her demons amidst divorce rumours.

We are not debating on who is right and who is wrong . We just request our readers to question, in which direction humour and comedy are hovering. If you can laugh at youself first , then you can also make others laugh with you. So we ask you on an international stage commenting on a woman going bald. A tormented heart sidelined, empathy all crushed . Just get a Mike and go on with he ha ha ha that a lady is having affair with some Tom , Dick or Harry , is it comedy?

Is Chris Brown so close with the Smith family to fire that shell on hearts already filled with tears. Where is that right to privacy? Has liberty been so magnified that it devoured the right to privacy that is its own part. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution says right to privacy is an integral organ of Right to life and liberty.

Where are our Laurel Hardy, Charlie Chaplin. Where is Tom and Jerry, where is our Scooby Doo.
If comedy is to hurt then even the divinity of laughter is corrupted. World happiness index shows this with a proof how much laughter is there in the nation’s where such hollow , pathetic and blatant comments , with no respect to rprivacy and feelings are heralded. Was such comedy underpinned by a burning frustration as Mrs Smith revealed she was being approached in those sensitive moments by Chris Brown.

Smile is divine, laughter is the best medicine . Their sanctity must be upheld when mental disorders are a global pandemic.

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