How “Tommy and Gina” taught the world connecting across generations.

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Aayush Tiwari –

How the power of the keywords ‘Tommy and Gina’ connected an entire new generation is the subject matter of research for both politicians and struggling content creators.

Tomy And Gina teaches connecting with the pulse of new generation. As with bringing back Tommy and Gina, the duality, the yin yang, Bon Jovi continued to rule the rock industry.

There were no youtube channels, no whatsapp groups and the legend sold more than a hundred million albums starting from 1983. However, this is not about John Bon Jovi, but a lesson that can be learnt from him to connect with a new generation via planting the keywords if free lancing, content creation or secondary income nudges you at times.

Tommy and Gina were planted by the Golden Globe winner John Bon Jovi ( For Blaze Of Glory) in one the most viewed songs of the 1980s – Living On The Prayer.

This immortal poem introduced two abstract keywords Tommy and Gina. “Tommy used to work on the docks, Gina cried every night as Tommy whisper……. ” . I repeat, planting these two characters, John sketched an abstract character sketch around them in 1983. 14 years down the line John realized that something has to be done to tap into the pulse of the new generation as well. This is exactly what the national parties preparing for the Lok Sabha Elections need. Via creating an anthem based on the “my life my way” background Bon Jovi sang its my life again and rocked the world like never before. This is how genius artists at Bon Jovi’s altitude understand the international sentiment. As far as the politicians are concerned then modern politics is having it’s USP by planting keywords, sacred words like Ram, Krishna, Gita to touch the national sentiment.

Like “It’s my life” was roared in 1997/1999 in the Crush Tour and with “Tommy and Gina – who never backed down”, John managed a classical digital blend encompassing a billion fans over time. In 2023 “It’s My Life” crossed over a billion views on youtube and the new rock gener, got planted in the veins of the M Tv generation. Those vibes of “Slippery When Wet” harmonized with the album “Crush” to facilitate an electro spiritual connection with the youth, with a new comprehensively novel lines of thought was a successful John Bon Jovi venture.

For politicians planting “Living On The Prayer’s” Tomy And Gina is like planting Lord Ram( for or against) and to use it like a keyword in the SEO and SSL process of digital market ad campaigns.

Tommy and Gina are the characters people were classically conditioned with, similarly a niche that always is underpinned by a gentle sprinkling of the keywords all over the blog or video invoke the deepest sentiments and nostalgia like Tommy and Gina does, again and again. The keyword intent of Tommy and Gina was Motivation, as “Tommy and Gina never back down” ( its my life) “They live for the fight and it’s all that’s they got” (living on prayer ). Nevertheless the keyword intent of citing the Bhagwad Gita by politicians no one can understand.

The keyword density is the typical bon jovi creative writing and the keyword difficulty here is almost zero as Tommy and Gina were no famous Jack and Daniels but figures of speech of the highest order.

Learning from Bon Jovi connecting Living On The Prayer to Its my life is one of the smart tactics learnt by BJP as well. Via using such power of the rythm like Jai Shree Ram, a chord progression gets birth to connect with the new generation via Lord Ram and Krishna. In the same way bon jovi planted tommy and gina to connect, spiritual jargons planted all over the cosmos are being used to consolidate and strengthen the hindutv model with the classing themes. This is not a question of good or bad but a matter of learning for th youth battling with unemployment.

AI will eat up the jobs, this all men with a reasonable prudence know well. So a massive exodus from the BPO, LPO and the Call center’s premises is being observed and anticipated to bubble more towards the abstract virginity of free lancing in the realm of the nemesis – AI content generation. The youths must learn the function calling like an object oriented programming language for a call to action of such keywords like Tommy and Gina or Lord Ram and Shree Kashi Vishvnath to use them with respect in their blogs, vlogs or podcasts. A comparative analysis of the fluctuations in trends for Tommy and Gina 1 getting connected with Tommy and Gina 2 is essential for generating traffic and followership for a secondary source of income.

To conclude the hinduv model is underpinned by various sutras of the vedanta. An understanding of even few of these sutras, atleast the Maha Vakyas can help you planting Tommy And Gina in your creative content because the google trends around the Hindutv model including the music, blogs, books, videos, audios demand such tactics to evade the AI onslaught on employment.

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