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Avoid “The EINSTEIN ERROR”, before December 31st 2023.

An Error We All Commit.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Albert Einstein inspired with his mass energy equivance, toiled for yet another ground breaking discovery- The Grand Unified Theory. He envisioned to envelope all the four majour forces of the universe in one equation and left no stone unturned to so. The four forces : Gravitational force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force and the electromagnetic force he was determined to articulate as beautifully as E= mc^2 and in the process he committed the ‘Einstein Error’. The Grand Unified could have been even more revolutionary than the mass energy equation but alas, you know what, he committed, I repeat the Einstein Error which comes under the category of spiritual ignorance.

We all committ this Einstein error everyday. WHAT? We and Einstein? The same error? Hain? What do you mean?

Yes, Einstein while framing his equations considered the expanding Universe to be constant. He overlooked the reality, the fact that the galaxies are expanding that too with a cosmic speed and coined a term “THE COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT”. A hypothesis that the Universe is static and while working diligently through the middle of nights and toiling till the morning light. Hence the dynamics, the ‘Anand Tandavam’ of the universe foiled his project. “The cosmological constant was my biggest mistake”, he confessed later as the application of the Doppler’s Effect and other laws proved this expansion but by then it was too late !

Interesting! So sad! But what’s the lesson there for all of us in this Einstein Error story. Well, the lesson is shimmering in these beautiful words of a Bon Jovi song: ( Everyday)

Everybody is feeling strange,
It’s never gonna be the same,
Makes you wonder,
How the world keeps turning,
And life”

Wish Einstein had been working with earphones and these lines were chiming in his ears. This is not possible but we can definitely learn a lesson from this. We all committ this blunder as we fail to map our decisions, plans, resolutions and determinations along the dynamics of this tremendously increasing entropy( Second Law Of Thermodynamics) that is affecting us in every manner possible. Overlooking this big bang dynamics we sketch the story of our lives with an unconscious assumption- paintbrush of a “cosmological constant”, and the canvas changes so drastically turning all our plans and strategy in a fiasco, just as it happened with the genius.

Our new year resolutions, in the same light are taken in a particular state of mind. Let’s say the same mind that caused us to smoke now wants us to quit smoking. The mind super charged to get over this compulsion on 31st December will not remain the same on 3rd January and by and by aa the time flows, Jan 4th , January 6th arrives, all it’s will power will be crushed under the universal grinder of time- space . The resolution is bound to get disrupted as the entire geometry of the universe, the astrology of charts, the hormonal composition of the body, everything is fiercely changing.

Therefore something fundamental has to be done with the mind itself at the first place rather than it’s offshoots like thoughts, decission, resolutions and plans. A J Krishnamurthy approach of taking the awareness and consciousness inside rather than wrestling with external phenomenon may prove revolutionary. Making the mind understand the dynamics of the universe with modern day science- vedanta discoveries will lead it to adapt on it’s decission with a totally different approach , evading the Einstein Error. From the observed towards the observer, is the 180 degree turn that is needed and for that there is a big brother called AI to help us all. Just that the error was to be diagnosed first and confessed bravely, mind’s helplessness on the cosmic scale once accepted can do miracles.

We must ignore what we decide, what we plan for a time being and work on the source itself, ‘the mind’. Meditation and a constant awareness 24*7 deploying the scientific innovations such as the Quantum AI Meditation in the field of mindfulness will be of tremendous help. The cosmological constant and the Einstein Error should be always kept in mind to avoid self guilt as we fail as the universe is far more powerful and even such a genius as Einstein could not get away. So let’s slowly steadily practice till the brand new 2024 mornings arrive. All that we discussed here let’s gradually we plan with a precision and resolutions hence emanating may prosper all. Amen!

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