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Digital Dronacharya and the “Vector Search ” Technology.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Let’s break the ice today with the most famous story mentioned in Mahabharata. The unparalleled war architect Dronacharya( Inspiration behind the word ‘Drone”) had organized a tournament where his disciples had to hit the eye of a clay bird, he set at a tree top. The eldest disciple Yudhisthir came first and the mentor asked him if he could see the tree there. Yudhishthir said yes and Dronacharya said “Get lost”. Then came Bheem and the mentor asked if he could see the branch where the clay bird was fixed. Bheem said “yes offcourse, master”, and Dronacharya said “get lost”.

Disciples came one after the other and neither of them was even allowed to pick up the bow and give a try till finally came Arjun. Dronacharya tired by the , asked “Arjun can you see the bird”, Arjun said “No master”, The tree? Arjun said “No master”, the bird, Arjun said “No master “. With eyes now shimmering with joy Dronacharya asked ” Then what are you able to see dear Arjun, if you have not turned blind, can you even see me, your guru?”. Arjun replied “No gurudev I cant see even you, all I see is the eye of the bird, the eye of the bird, the eye of the bird”.

Hip hip hurray, Drone picked up the bow himself and gave it to Arjun along with the permission to lift the bow and take the shot. What happened next? Shewn, went the arrow and the target was struck down.

Same is the case with this mesmerizing and bewildering ultra modern “Vector Search Technology”. In the story above Dhronacharya’s mindset behind the eye of the bird is the keyword intention and Arjun is the Vector Search Algorithm. AI do you know got its birth sending you the notifications based on your everyday search and today as we known well it is no more confined to that notification game. It has honed it’s vector search blade and now things are beyond our wildest imaginations.

So try revolutionizing your information retrieval , today with the ‘VECTOR VICTORY’ over the unwanted Google Garbage generated with inaccurate keywords when the bird’s eye is not seen clearly . Yes, the garbage you dint intend while searching your needs can now turn into flowery garland if you learn to make this vector search dance to your finger tips as it is coded by the Digital Dronacharya to bring out the Arjun out of you.

The world of search engines has evolved tremendously over the years, and vector search is the latest breakthrough that is transforming how we retrieve information. Unlike traditional keyword-based search, with all those trees, sky, leaves, and all that could be there around the bird’s eye the vector search leverages the power of advanced algorithms and machine learning to understand the context and the meaning behind words. The keyword intend it decodes and moves like a Vector arrow to hit the bird’s eye seamlessly .

This is also called reading between the lines the ‘keyword intent ‘ and since the permutations and combinations of subjectivity can be endless, the AI had learned a great with the drone- arjun story, inventing that approach that steals the title of this blog post today.

By converting words into mathematical representations called vectors( thay are denoted by an arrow sign), this approach enables search engines to comprehend the semantic relationships between words, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results. With vector search, users can now enjoy a more refined and personalized search experience, revolutionizing the way we access information in the digital age.

So even if you haven’t scratched your heads too much pondering how advanced search engines can easily understand the context behind your queries and provide accurate results? The answer lies in this remarkable technology breaking the ice.

Imagine you’re looking for a new smartphone, but you can’t remember the name of the model. Instead of relying solely on keywords, vector search analyzes the semantic meaning of your query and compares it to the vectors representing various smartphone models. By understanding the context, vector search can intelligently retrieve the most relevant results, making your search faster and more accurate. This powerful technique is revolutionizing the way we search, offering an enhanced user experience and enabling search engines to provide more precise results.

Recently, I was looking for that specific “Masala Dosa” mumma recently made and my sister Rabia wasn’t able to get a clue. So we shared a photo, the selfies we took that day (with the dosa) mentioned some ingredients mumma told over the phone call and feed them on the app deployimg the vector search approach. It searched the Dosa I was salivating remembering in my mind and no sooner Rabia manifested it with ease, our party went wild.

As technology continues to advance, vector search will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of information retrieval. Time and energy will be saved and the Arjun oriented algorithms learning the lessons why the master Digital Dronacharya had shrugged off all the participants before him, would in a blink hit the birds eye for you. Trust me if you zap through the spiritual scriptures and the religious texts, such is the potential of the vector search technology that it may understand your keyword intent with the speed of light and may find god for you in the near future.

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