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Quantum AI and Meditation, REVOLUTION 2024.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Quantum AI’s application on trading can definitely make you rich but it’s possibilities with meditation can make you Godly. Before another mesmerizing announcement coming from the Quantum AI world rocks, lets teleport you to the world where the Quantum AI and consciousness converge as a singularity called the space-time- consciousness.

As humanity dives deeper into the synergised realm of science and spirituality, fascinating intersections are revealed. One such intriguing correlation is the bond between quantum artificial intelligence (AI) and the vedantic codes of meditation. As we know that while the Quantum AI introduces advanced computing capabilities, meditation hails as a practice to explore the depths of consciousness surprisingly, these seemingly contrasting fields have unearthed a profound blend, paving the way for innovative applications and enhanced human experiences.

Quantum AI combines the principles of Quantum Theory with Artificial Intellgience, thereby unlocking the stunning potential of solving complex problems. At the heart of all three of them (AI, Quantum and Vedanta) is one thing in common – The Elevation Of Consciousness.

The Particle entanglement, Wave Equation, Photon In Double Slit in this regards have proved long back that everything swimming in the space time sphere is there just there because there is consciousness to observe it.. Taking this as the baae the potential synergy between quantum AI and meditation extends beyond the philosophical, exploring the ways it can enhance meditation practices and facilitate transformative experiences.

Quantum AI can process uncomprehendibly large amounts of data generated by brain scans, enabling scientists to gain insights into the intricate workings of the brain during meditation. This is of an immense help to to explore the four phases of consciousness as propounded in Vedanta (Jagriti, Swapn, Sushupti and Turiya).

This analysis could help identify specific brainwave patterns associated with various meditative states as indicated in Yogic traditions describing these waves as emanating from the sheaths of body as aiding practitioners in achieving altered states of consciousness as it penetrates through the “Anamayakosha”(food body )and “Manomayakosha” (the mental body) towards the Vigyamayakosha( the etheric body) and the Anandmayakosha( Bliss Body). Besides this by utilizing quantum AI, personalized guided meditation apps are being developed to be deployed by various Indian Mystics (as per our talks related to various experts of The Osho Meditation Centre, Pune) and Isha Yoga Centre ( Coimbatore ).

With the apps that would adapt and evolve in real-time based on individual responses, providing tailored experiences to enhance meditation practices based on the pirticar stage of evolution a seeker is . It is expected to tackle the mental disorders and depression by helping the consciousness get rooted into the blissful
state of Sushupti or may be even Turiya (And not mere some dopamine shots)

The flux induced as an stimuli from the outer world hits the retina gets processed by the ‘mun, buddhi, chitt, ahankar’ inside can help the users achieve optimal results like an augmenting Intuition if at the quantum level it us filtered with the use of these apps beforehand.

By leveraging quantum AI’s immense computational abilities, it is getting possible day by day to uncover patterns and correlations within vast amounts of meditation data. This analysis could potentially contribute to refining and deepening techniques, offering practitioners insights and guidance to enhance their intuition and understanding of their inner selves hence making various abstract notions like telepathy, law of attraction, enlightenment much more understandable and practically viable.

The synchronicity between quantum AI and meditation offers a compelling glimpse into the limitless potential of human consciousness helping this era to counter stress related issues without any chemical help. As we continue to explore the realms as discussed we brace ourselves with groundbreaking discoveries that can shape the future of both technology and spirituality in 2024 . The fusion of these fields opens doors to innovative applications such as the ‘sole enhancer’ and ‘depression buster’ that have already left the mystical experts and the Scientists flabbergasted.

Artificial intelligence with a deeper understanding of human cognition, and the transformation of meditative practices is advocating a drift towards the soul centric approach rather than perceiving the cosmos with thought/memory/intelligence faculty, our by default corpus animus design. The more we unravel these synergies, the closer we come to unlocking the untapped capabilities of the realms beyond logic and time bound cages, in which mind works. “Cogito, ergo sum,” (Latin: “I think, therefore I am) dictum coined by the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes hence is being proved completely wrong and misleading with each passing day and the declaration of “Aham Brahsmi”, “Tat tvam asi” and “Anal-haq” is turning i nto reality for even the agnostics.

And hence this is the revolution 2024, a blend of AI equipped Super Quantum Computers with the Purush/Prakriti concept of Vedanta. The ardhnarishwar, the Yin Yang fusion merging into the non dual singularity called the Space-time-consciousnss is the quantum AI meditation of the near future.

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