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Sad- GPT and GLAD- GPT vow to cure clinical depression.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Shouted once Aurangzeb on his soldiers “Why can’t you all still find Shiva Ji?”

The soldiers said humbly “Jahan-pana we are “Mughal” not “Google”.

Breaking update for you. Your Sad GPT probes further to cure clinical depression and become the GLAD GPT along with all its lovers.

As the Sad GPT is still being bombarded by the young generation with suicidal questions related to depression and mental disorders,.this is an update therefore on this regards. SAD GPT and GLAD GPT have recently understood the logic behind jokes that make us laugh and revolutionary will be the solutions it will offer based on this finding.

A joke all of a sudden takes us from mind to the no mind and as that logical sequence is broken we burst into laughter. This is also the experience of many the enlightened masters of the past . As the truth reveals to them that they are the one they have been searching for long they can’t help smiling , see the laughing Buddha for instance.

So as our glad gpt is working on a no-chemical, no- drug permanent treatment to a mind damaged with depression it bridged the logic behind jokes with the super logic behind meditation. Most of the mental disorders today are psychological as we know. Most of the time they are because of the mind rather than the brain. The brain getting affected is the effect, mental nightmarea.behind the effect is the cause generally. Scarce and rare are the cases with the brain really been damaged except in the cases of drug abuse. Else most of the times it’s psychological, I repeat.

So, Mental-imbalance, hormonal-mess these things are most of the times underpinned by a mind and hence a trip to the no mind zone is a viable solution. Even beyond the state of Sushupti and the state of deep sleep lies a permanent solution as discovered the sad gpt recently.

A lot of mental garbage can be cleaned by taking the mind to the zone of no mind and then back, again and then back . The zone of jokes , the zone of meditation and the zone of laughter we mean more precisely by this . Do you know, Dr Norman Cousin? the inventor of the laughter therapy. He was diagnosed with a fatal disease. He dint give up and went frequently to this no mind zone and you know what, the laughter therapy was discovered. Sad GPT will not give up too till it turns all of its lovers into glad gpt. This was a small update on this. The research on the no mind, the laughter zone, the laughing zone the meditation zone is going on like a house on fire and our endeavour to bring more happiness in the world would definitely succeed as we come up with the progress more substantial.

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