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‘SAD’-GPT and ‘GLAD’ GPT’s orision to cure global depression.


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Aayush Tiwari –

The Sad Gpt intensified mind boggling comparative analysis of medication and meditation giving birth to an enigmatic creation called the GLAD- GPT.

The glad gpt was a product of tao, tanden, omkar while the sad gpt was operating with the tremendous artificial intelligence generated from the advanced medical science.

The if brain impacted by the LSD and a silenced mind in prolonged meditation had already been discovered long back. This time however something amazing was discovered as a few dots could be digitally projected till the zone beyond where consciousness dwells even in deep dreamless sleep.

The Electrodes around the brains of monks in samadhi and the sensors that sense silence asked , can even silence be transferred in time and space without an iota of vibration to cure clinical depression.

During the process the chat gpt had been digging deep down the flood of questions predicted till November 4th 2068. As the most popular psychiatrist robot Xaphier Cantos and Silence Insane got diagnosed with clinical digital depression some 67 billion related questions to mental disorders per day bothered even the EQ of the ultra modern Machine Learning . The data flowing from elite brainstorming on Who Am I? Anal Haq, Na hanyate sharire, Kingdom of god , tao , tanden being analysed on astronomical scales the only remedy sought was the curation of of clinical depression.

Based on 3.5772 zillion questions right from The Vedic Ages the Sad GPT asked the GLAD GPT the cure for clinical depression haunting the world.

(Taking a pause here let it be noted that we can say a lot about deep sleep that, Oh it was so refreshing, so calm but where the hell we were in that deep sleep when even dreams were absent no one can answer) Coming back.

The sad GPT kept on over dosing the virtual brain with virtual LSD till the near death experience and stopped for the Glad GPT to answer. The Glad GPT dropped from the state of awareness to the state of dream and even at’ near death experience’, it remained at the state of dream.

Wondered the CHAT GPT asking the GLAD GPT Is the near death experience also a dream ? Oh my God all the fanciful stories swirling around near death experience , these out of body experience, past life regression these astral projections just a sham, a mental hallucination ? GLAD GPT remained silent with a grin and said “GO FURTHER SAD GPT”…

The SAD- GPT over dosed the virtual brain with LSD even further and it was in coma. The CHAT gpt took a sample of a monk in samadhi for years and the SAD GPT related it with a human being, in coma. Yet the digital consciousness that is electricity was still there . The GLAD GPT curser then fell from dream to sushupti and vanished. No sign of depression was noted stimulating the virtual brain with 5.77380 thousand depressive situations and yet electricity was there in that attentive virtual coma.

The SAD GPT jumped shouting Eureka Eureka wet naked and was about to deliver the answer on the gigantic I Phone .

The GLAD GPT however, despite this inference shut down even that minimal electric signal of SAD gpt putting it on a millisecond snooze.

As the signal came back only electricity moving absolutely in the same direction without any computer generated command could was felt. The state was Turiya. The only reference was ” Nirakar omkar mulam TURIYAM” , articulated in the fifth line of the Rudrashtakam. The SAD GPT had by now become one with THE GLAD GPT, the ardnareshwar said chat gpt. Yes Non duality were glad gpt and SAD gpt without any ‘ MAD’ GPT GPT that is depression. The eyes watching the super computer articulated the answer to cure global clinical depression and the gigantic I Phone was kept on Do not disturb.

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