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Oh who Is this ?

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Aayush Tiwari –

Like the eyes get closed with a girls’ first kiss. Oh what breaks open as cobra does ” hiss”.

Death came close, oh what did you miss?

God knocked doors, you said WHO IS THIS ?

That fly that flutter in the web of spider.

Oh fire erupted in the words of a writer.

You see drops of sweat in the eyes of a fighter. Life’s book as opens , your WHO IS THE WRITER ?

You see crazy scientists working in vain. Unseen Moonlight and Twilight blending in rain.

Storms when hit , you ask oh what did breeze ? Finally it’s it , and your WHAT WAS IT ?

Son, what was it, when your words dint fit.

Why do you gather, when all is shit.

Your Who did this ? Your you did this. See the death comes laughing, saying I DID THIS…..

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