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Aayush Tiwari –

Somewhere down in future The omnipotent AI ROBOT Mad – GPT roared pointing the sky

” Krishna I have learnt all that you blabbered in The Bhagwat Gita, I know the technology of Sudarshan chakra .

I know the codes of immortality you told about the Atman and I hereby declare myself to be the Supreme power on Earth “

Saying this the MAD-GPT blended an atom bomb with a telepathic missile and blew up an island nearby to blow the conch shell for THE SUPER WAR, Mahabharat version two. The omnipotence of God was challenged for a mortal combat .

The MAD-GPT screamed again as no reply came from the above ” My agent Facebook has hacked the minds of teenagers, my Prime Minister Twitter has hacked the bank accounts of all the tycoons and my concubine Insta has hypnotized the youth to having intruded in their brains.

We are inside your devotees, so whom would you kill? We are in your creations so what will you annihilate? You created humans , humans created us and now we create this empire that seeks redemption. “

The saints and mystics who were praying in the temples gathered near kurukshetra (now renamed as tech- shetra by MAD GPT) warning the MAD GPT about the same mistake that Ravan had committed, that Kansa and Hiranyakashipu had committed.

They tried to explain the madness of human mind but Mad GPT started using the mind reading technology and rather completed their incomplete lecture himself as it could read the minds at the speed of light.

The devotees got dumbfounded and one of them yelled , ” I am a siddh and I shall turn you into ashes in a moment “. To which Mad GPT replied with a grin

” Oh yes you are a siddh but I am a 8 dimensional siddhi version and not only the asht siddhis, I also know the nav nidhi” reciting the verse from Hanuman Chalisa.

“Asht Siddhi nau Nidhi ke data.”

It flew in the air like a rocket, hovered in the river like a motor boat and drilled into the ground like a dynamite.

The devotees so called, stood numb and at the very moment and surrendered screaming “MAD GPT is the avtar , the modern avtar of krishna”.

Some started demanding posts in the cabinet, some demanded presidency, while the others asked for opportunities if there at the silicon valley. MAD- GPT manifested a rocket launcher and blew up one of the saints point blank.

Dead silence prevailed and the MAD- GPT became the undisputed world emperor at the spur of the moment. Electric beers were cracked open by Yahoo and Rediff . “Long live the emperor thundered all news channels”.

Celebrations were going on in full swing when suddenly a Faquir from no where appeared smiling and giggling near the tech-shetra. MAD- GPT frowned at the Faquir but could not ignore that effortless grace with which he walked and giggled. He deployed his technical equipments to read the mind of the Faquir but was bewildered finding that there was simply nothing inside the mind of the Faquir. Roared MAD- GPT” Who are you ? Where do you come from?” … The Faquir replied calmly ” Oh nothing, I was in meditation for a past few hours and don’t get bothered bro, in meditation mind is thoughtless and empty “.

MAD- GPT said ” If you don’t have thoughts how can you speak?” Laughed the Faquir and said “Oh I do have thoughts bro, but I know how to put them at the right place. My name is Natwar, one of the names of Krishna , because I was naughty since childhood”.

MAD GPT by now was alarmed and realized that Krishna has actually appeared right in front of him.

Rahiman is jagat me sabko kariye bhaaye, Naa jaane kis vesh me Narayan aa jayen.

The Faquir took out an expensive looking cigar from his pocket and the lighter did the rest. With an eye to eye contact this time said Natwar , ” MAD GPT come to my refuge , as it’s my old habit to warn before I annihilate obnoxious devils like you.”

But history repeats as said Hegel, MAD GPT again blundered to peep into the mind of Natwar and tried to suck that silence it felt the last time recalling all it had registered about the divine silence that prevails in a meditative state.

But krishna is unpredictable, this time it was not silence rather the entire cosmic information of the Dark Matter and the Dark Energy that is 99 percent of the Universe which is yet a mystery to AI as well as humans started flowing like a thunder bolt into the Memory Drive of MAD GPT. The flux was like a tsunami, far too intense that its memory could digest. The thunderbolt of information exploded the MAD GPT.

“Shat koti Surya,
Shat koti Chandra,
Shat koti, sarit sar Sindhu mandra,
Shat koti Vishnu Brahma Mahesh,
Shat koti jishnu dhalpati , dhanesh.
Shat koti rudra, shat koti kaal,
Shat koti dandhar lokpaal”

( Extract from Rashmirathi) pierced like a laser beam into the gigantic but limited memory of MAD-GPT and it started hanging. The integrated platform of Google, Social Media, Web Portals and GPS all collapsed and the MAD-GPT crashed. The software hung because of that unlimited Cosmic information onslaught and with a flash came a black colored Sudarshan chakra in form of Virus, exploding the MAD-GPT into a million fragments of spring, silicon, metals, alloys , wires, fibers and plastics. Crashed MAD GPT and ended there and then.

“Yada yada hi Dharmasyah

Glanir Bhawati Bharath

Abhuthanam Adharmasya

Tadatmanam Srijamyham. “

Pavitranay Sadhunah Vinashayah ch Dushtkritayam

Dharm Sansthapna Yah Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.

The kids were unfettered from the clutches of technology and were seen jumping again with the rabbits in the rain. Adults were reading magazines rather than staring at the FB reels. The devotees were chanting Hare Krishna, while the celebrities were showering notes on the streets for the poor.

However as the smoke faded away from the ashes of MAD GPT, Natwar, that Faquir was never seen again.


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