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Data Smuggling: National Elections Rigged , Stock Markets Tricked.

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Aayush Tiwari –

How Hitler won noble prize for peace.while Bhabi Dewar got nominated for the Oscars?

Hitler won the noble peace prize, Bhabi Dewar won the Oscars. OH- WHAT? Hey don’t worry this has not yet happened but the way your elections are rigged and stock markets are tricked , Oscars are fixed and noble prize is winked this is definitely a possibility that we have articulated with this figure of speech called the poetic exaggeration.

Data smuggling, date theft ? Have you ever wondered why do some multi billion dollar enterprises are vindicated of stealing so much data. Afterall what do they do with it? If you think they are desperate to spy on Verma ji throwing lines on Mrs Sharma or Mrs Sharma flirting with Mr Chopra then you are wrong my friend . They simply pick up the keywords from your internet chats and personal computer database indicating whom you gonna vote these elections, which shares you would buy in bulk and accordingly inenarrable games are played nationally and internationally.

For example if a national party knows by this data in which constituency it’s going to win and where even forfeiture of bail will happen then it can prepare in advance and act concretely on the remedy. Where distribution of whiskey will help, where speech of an orator would be crucial, they get to know in car in advance and hence in exchange of billions of dollars for this stolen data this atteamlii information is exported. AI analyses personal data and the elections are rigged. On the other hand if a thousand -mark players are bidding on a particular stock and this is analysed well in advance by the data theft then the entire Sensex, Nifty,Forex, NASDAQ can turn upside down by the powerful lobbies having the access to this data and the advanced AI tools.

Even the Oscars and the Noble prize are decided by a community
just like the Pulitzer and Magsaysay are decided by a community too. Bidding is the game here and therefore tapping on the names of the nominees these community members chat about the most, the award winner are pin pointed as these communities send emails to and fro , and unprecedented things happen . This effects the global biddings and the bet market equations are greatly regulated . For the billion dollar betting industry an unprecedented victory is always the lady luck.
Severe controversies related to the noble prize having been awarded to people like in 1994: Yasser Arafat, Barack Obama in 2009,
Aung San Suu Kyi in 1991 and Oscars to ‘Crash’ over ‘Brokeback Mountain’, Green Book’ Over ‘Roma’ are just few of such examples. Therefore don’t get surprised if an ultratech AI algorithm having been run on a retrospective mode would nominate Hitler and Stalin for Noble and bhabi dewar type films for Oscars.

So data smuggling is more lethal than the diamond and gold smuggling combined. These commodities can effect the balance of payments and the GDP to some extent but the data theft decides your presidents and prime ministers. Data theft is hence not only about your individual privacy and some Information Technology Act providing provisions to nip it. It can change the entire geometry of the stock exchange ,can cause inflation and deflation in the closed economy, it can smash the flow of money market and it can also decide why your governor/chief minister is framing laws for your town/village. We have already warned you about the perils of the digital shakuni mama

and the bot of Harshad Mehta,

this time in their furtherance we warn you about the perils of data theft on a gigantic scale and urge you to ask the departments concerned to frame strict laws against such practices.

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