The Swastika Reversed again.

Hitler's Holocaust still haunts Israil.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Banking funds the IT industry to create virtual demands . Else we know our’ Dido’ doesnt need their loans ? IT uses influencers, actors, actresses to create virtual demands . As the reason goes the IT and the Banking industry are siblings as they work on virtual luxury people want, fantasise and die for. The wants into needs they convert and today’s demand suply curves are all about that.

Lifestyle born out of some religions don’t need luxurious flow as for them the mundane is just an epiphany. They disdain the mundane and hence are natural enemies of global giants.

From the Rothschilds till his ‘ Shylock The Jew’ world history reveals Israil has focussed on the power of banking. The federal reserve of America has lavishly funded the entrepreneurs that have created a
global Empires Facebook, Google and so on and so forth.

For the arms ammunitions industry to survive , wars are necessary. For pharmaceuticals to grow wars are necessary too. For wars to happen a scapegoat is more necessary. And for all this an invisible hand is necessary for the global loans to maintain their liquidity. As it all comes back to banking , Israel has to be the nucleus. The scapegoat does not have media to express their thoughts and if they desperately groan to shout ” We don’t need your loans” they have to be liquidated. Our coverage on this inspired us to share another angle behind global wars that is hidden. This is an economic spiritual angle and international politicians who paint themselves like saints know well the importance of this spiritual insight beneath economics. So we shed light on this research with steadfast dedication for mankind that is bleeding wars.

Ashoka created a group which is still existing – a group of nine persons. Whenever a member dies, another replaces him, the eight remaining ones will choose the next to fit in. He will be trained by the eight and the process continues. I don’t sketch a conspiracy theory here but something needs to be shared at miniscule magnitude to contribute in helping mankind, that is bleeding wars.

The group is there, because a reincarnation of Buddha, the Maitreya, is awaited by the agnostic. When a phenomenon like Buddha is there, instant creation of some vechile is impossible. Esoteric adept is created through a long training and discipline. This is not a sudden happening.

Time and again movements have been started. They continue and then wither away. This ideology of Ashoka’s nine esoteric still dominates invisibility because there are many conditions which help it to. Like it never comes directly in contact with the masses . It has interfaces in between for the purpose. None can know the whereabouts. Any Yin as gets initiated in the group, the very moment he is initiated, his yang disappears from your world – completely.

The members are in the physical body, they are as alive like us . It works as a link between the group and the masses. This creates another circle around the nine, with a greater diameter. So many persons have been members of it. They know Buddha directly; they know the esoteric adept directly. They are so experienced that they can remain in the masses and can continue the work with the group.

There are so many sleeper cells who are not in this physical body and go on working. The annamayakosha is just one aspect of our existence. The manomayakosha, the vigyanmayakosha the anandmayakosha are too subtle for us but work around us.

Theosophists call these non physical influencers masters – such as Master Koot Humi. These are fictitious names, just like Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. This Master K.-H., one of the most ancient adepts of Ashoka’s circle of nine, created the whole movement of theosophy. They were trying to create a situation in which Buddha’s coming incarnation could be possible, because Buddha had said that after twenty-five centuries he would again be born and his name would be Maitreya. A phenomenal Gautam Buddha is capable of knowing about who is going to be enlightened twenty-five centuries later. So Buddha predicted, and for this happening Ashoka’s circle of nine has been working for centuries. Now the time is near, so the theosophy movement was just a preparation.

It failed, the experiment failed. They experimented with three or four people to be made vehicles for Maitreyi. Everything was ready. Not even a hint was given that J Krishnamurti, in the last step, would fail and come back saying “truth is a pathless land”. He denounced the title of the world teacher. “Be an individual!” JK said and the tata to thesolophical society turned all Ani Besant planned into a zombie.

Now comes Hitler. Oh, that Dachau concentration camp, those gas chambers . The murder industry the medical experiments of Joseph Mengele. Upside down standing Swastika’s desperate efforts to do something. Hitler was just a vehicle for other forces as now there are glimpses that he was not the real actor in the drama. He was just a pawn not the player. For example, the choice of that reversed swastika, as the logo, that would bring goosebumps to even gorrilas.

In India, the ancient Jains. The swastika is their symbol, but not exactly as it was with Hitler. Hitler’s swastika was in reverse. Original is clockwise; the Nazi one is anticlockwise. This anticlockwise swastika is a destructive symbol. Nazis toiled for years to choose this logo, as the symbol was a link. So the fuherer had sent a team to Tibet to discover one of the most ancient symbols of the Aryan race.

The swastika was chosen and Hitler’s henchman who found it was Hessenhoff. He convinced Adolf Hitler that the symbol should be in reverse order. He was one of the persons who was in contact with many esoteric groups.

And with this reverse symbol it was known all over the world to those who were in contact with any esoteric knowledge especially the JEWS.

The Hitler’s philosophy was given by some hidden schools jews knew. Especially the Rothschild family.They used him just as Krishnamurti was going to be used by the theosophists. Hitler continued winning up to a certain extent. Then happened the operation Barabossa on USSR and everything changed. The thing was phenomenal, initially he could just win anything, he was invincible . But beyond a certain time, after the battle of Stalingrad everything began to go in reverse. Why did this happen?

Forces which were against Nazism defeated Hitler, but that is not the real history. That was just an outward phenomenon. Hitler was used by an esoteric group. This was one of the most desperate efforts, because this esoteric group was working for centuries but could not help humanity as they desired to help. Shylock the Jew in Shakespeare’s Merchant Of Venice and the old anti semitism explained how the banker family of Jews stop it again and again. This was a desperate effort to help humanity before humanity destroys itself on this earth. So they had tried through saints, through persons who were powerless, who were poor in spirit. They tried through Adolf Hitler to win the whole world before it is destroyed and to give a certain teaching to humanity.

But just like Krishnamurti ,Hitler also failed. He began to go down. It was unprecedented . Hitler would not take the advice of any general. He would move or attack but only refuting the advisors. Following the astrologers. Even against the advice of all his trained persons, he would act and moved as he liked.. There were absurd moves, nonsensical moves. No one who knows anything about war would have taken those moves. But Hitler would take them and he won for three years.

Everyone who was around him knew that he was just a vehicle of some greater force. This was not explainable. And whenever he would order, he would not be in his conscious mind. This is a new fact which has become known now after the Nuremberg trial and MOSAD vengeance against the remaining Nazis. Whenever he would order, he would just be ecstatic. His eyes would be closed, he would begin to tremble, he would perspire, and then his voice would change completely. Another voice would order. But the day he began to fall, his own voice began to order. From that point, from that moment, he was never in ecstasy. Some contact which was working was lost.

Now those who study Adolf Hitler and his life all feel that the phenomenon was not merely political. On this finding works the MOSAD and it’s global operations . Their chess moved are not just a stunt of political mania.

Israil has probed deeply into this . Eichman’s abduction by MOSAD revealed many enigmatic abstractions. The same group, the nine of Ashoka, was behind it. They were trying to capture the whole world to save the whole world.

This esoteric group, as I said to you, functions primarily as a continuity whenever there is a need for a buzz via funded wars. For boms in Russia for bandages in Ukraine. In many ways, they can help. It was not just a coincidence that Japan became friendly to Germany. It was because of this group of nine people. This is the hidden fact. The esoteric group that was working behind Hitler was a Buddhist group, so a Buddhist country, Japan, could be influenced to side with Hitler.

Whenever a teacher like Buddha happens, the primary work of an esoteric group is to help by becoming a mediator. The Jews however disdain this as they are the global bankers. The meditators don’t need loans and Israil knows this well. Another work of these esoteric groups is to preserve the knowledge once it is obtained. Buddha obtained something supreme, but who will preserve it? So Israil needs a continuous onslaught for banking to survive. The USA needs israil as monopoly over the banking industry funds Microsofts, Facebooks, Twitters and Teslas. It’s the game of dominance and opportunities are those who read between the lines. India standing with Israil this time has hacked the Rothschild modus operandi and the humdum keeps their insect hunt on, as for the silicon valley to continue prosperity Israil to ransack Philistine become important.

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