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Aayush Tiwari –

(Vector Search and Vector Similarity Technology).

Hello and congratulations to all the creative minds of today. Google and innovation both are quite fed up of AI Generated content being continuously deployed under the facade of novelty. The identification of problem is clear and a consequently a robust solution is about to unleash at it’s best.

This is one of the technological advancements of 2024 and the need of the future. It is called the Vector Search and the Vector Similarity, a paradigm shift to identify the young guns ready with content creation devoid of copy paste game and AI haze.

The vector search converts the keywords into vectors ( a mathematically encrypted icon) and digitalize the keyword intention by finding the similarities with the consequent vector similarity approach using by the giant information bubble derivated AI.

So the bluffing game capitalized by many of the self proclaimed SEO specialized youtubers would go through an acid test in 2024. Google takes the charge and optimises itself rather than content creators manually optimising it to find the genuine add ons. A video, animation or text meeting basic parameters like grammatical accuracy, spellings, innovation, novelty and being devoid of a blatant use of the GPT (and such similar apps) will make its way through the SERP( Search Engine Research Page Results). AI Automation of the digital giant like Google and Bing will now polish the raw talent as the reason goes.

Breaking this good news a message we convey – ” Go ahead, without worrying too much about the fake seo promises. If your content is potent enough, google will find it, in the same way you have found things on google up till now “. The process of reverse engineering is on full swing and 2024 shall definitely mark a begining of a new era of opportunities for all struggling buddies with calibre .

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