Maradona’s ” Hand Of God” and the sandbag melts.


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Aayush Tiwari –

“Today, my little angels, specially you, you and you. Oh yes and you also, I am going to tell a story about a legendary football player named Maradona and the incredible Hand of God.”

The children’s eyes widened with anticipation as they listened intently to papa’s captivating narration. Papa described Maradona as a talented and charismatic player who had the ability to weave magic on the football field. The story focused on one particular match between Maradona’s team and their arch-rivals.

“It was a crucial match that would determine the fate of Maradona’s team,” said papa. “The players gave their all, but destiny had a different plan. The opposing team was determined to win at any cost, resorting to foul play and relentless tackles. Despite the challenges, Maradona never lost hope.”

Papa described to the children how, in the heat of the moment, Maradona used his hand to bring the ball into the goal. This action was against the rules of the game, but the referee failed to notice the foul. The opposing team was furious, protesting vehemently, while Maradona’s team celebrated their unexpected goal.

“The stadium was filled with a mixture of outrage and disbelief,” Papa continued. “Everyone was shocked by what had just transpired. This incident became known as the ‘Hand of God’ goal, as it seemed like a divine intervention had taken place on that very field.”

As the story unfolded, Papa emphasized the moral aspect of the tale and left it over a young girl nicknamed ‘baby’ to decide. He asked the children that the Hand of God goal was really something to be despised or admired? It was a momentary lapse of judgment on Maradona’s part, and he later admitted his mistake.

The children were deeply engrossed in the story, their hearts pounding with the tension of the match. Papa’s storytelling skills brought the events to life, and the lessons within the story resonated with their young minds.

Just as papa was about to conclude his tale, a loud crash of thunder shook the house. The sudden noise startled the children, and in their panic, they accidentally knocked over a lantern, causing a small fire to break out. The house was filled with smoke, and chaos ensued as the children cried out for help.

Papa, remaining calm amidst the turmoil, quickly sprang into action. He guided the children not to panic and reminded them of the hand of god again. His hands shielding their faces from the smoke he closed his eyes and murmured something. The exit was not that easy but because of flames one of a huge plastic sandbags placed near the ceiling started melting and papa’s eyes gleamed. With all his little companions papa picked up the heavy sandbags away from the vicinity of the fire and together they started smearing huge volumes of sand near a narrow exit door .

As they finally made their way outside, relief washed over them all, their hearts filled with gratitude for papa’s bravery but he smiled and asked the kids ” THE SAND BAG MELTING GAVE US THE IDEA AND SO IT WAS”.

“THE HAND OF GOD” roared the kids completing his statement.

The people nearby had by then rushed to their aid, extinguishing the fire and making sure the house was saved from being completely incinerated. This incident served as a stark reminder of the importance of courage and quick thinking, just like the lesson from Maradona’s Hand of God goal.

In the end, amidst the rain and the flickering flames, the children realized the true essence of all papa’s stories. They weren’t merely tales for entertainment but were designed to teach them valuable life lessons, preparing them for the spontaneous challenges that lay ahead.

From that day on, the children admired papa not only for his mesmerizing stories but also for the qualities he possessed of bringing them to life. Papa became a living inspiration, and the children strived to emulate his bravery and wisdom in their own lives.

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