Psychos wide awake! Its the psychic warfare.

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Aayush Tiwari

The biological warfare, the cyber warfare and the conspiracy theories around them are no more confined to Franklin Roosevelt’s quote “Wars are old men talking , young men dying”. For example the COVID outbreak, which many consider to be a funded biological war was so non discriminatory for all genders and ages. Wasn’t die hard communist at soul was COVID-19? You tell. The long faces talking about the perils of atomic warfare in their favourite”over the coffee” gossips are a little bored now. The global social contracts like the CTBT are somewhat outdated as well.

Probing the Ukraine Russia mishap or the recent Israel Philistin tussle, here we intend to whisper in your ears something unheard, unprecedented yet very lethal and alarming. It is in action in modern wars hence indispensable to be understood too.

What is a psychic war. A pilot took off to drop a daisy cutter bomb on it’s rival country. Something happened in the middle that he returned his bomber and bomed his own capital city. This is the psychic warfare. It’s not a figment of some sci-fi imagination rather technically rooted in the ulta modern science backed up with mythology.

1910 , the German train and that young man dint have ticket. He slipped a a blank paper to the ticket checker the ticket checker signed the paper saying “thankyou sir” and moved ahead. The young men was Wolf Mesing, who had made the blank paper appear to be like a ticket slip. He is the man who survived Joseph Stalin. Stalin tested him thrice as he could not digest something like a psychic warfare is also possible. Life was at gunpoint and Messing succeeded everytime. The final test was to reach till Stalin’ s secret bunker despite all security and he did. The psychic warfare got down as Wolf Messing got an international attention and researches beyond our wildest imaginations are being carried 24*7 to develop on this enigmatic technology.

The yoga sutras of Patanjali also have regarded the technology behind it at the higest order. The highest these planes of human consciousness Dhyan, dharana and samadhi. The ashtang yoga calls it dharana, it is one of the Siddhis as per Hinduism and the most deadly too.

“The future of invincibility will be based on the ace on psychic warfare” said Vaisili Zaitsev and mind boggling research is being carried from a hundred years in Russia, America, Germany to develop the cutting edge on this psychic warfare. It’s covert , incomprehensible like the Alan Turing enigma breaker was but shows its presence in the recent Russia Ukraine conflict and also this time in Israel ‘s modus operandi. The psychic warfare can turn some psycho , so astounding, bewildering is it by its nature. The international organisations are leaving no stone unturned for the masses to know about it ever. They know well “ignorance is bliss” for them, they understand even better “Knowledge is power” for ‘them’.

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