Cosmetic creams are wonderful but ‘Spiritual Technology ‘ is Waao.

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Aayush Tiwari –

Your must have noticed despite your pet doesn’t bath for days what a freshness it carries. Those dazzling eyes, of your Zara that shinning fur of my Dido. No fairness creams, no hair straighteners yet they are the Rockstars. So fresh, so alive, so vibrant always.

The nature, the wildlife is tuned with the cosmic consciousness. Now what is this consciousness doing here? I intend to sketch beauty in the canvas of your heart but bear with me for the next few lines . If you ever sat next to a dead body , or have visited a post martum house, how dreadful is the stink? Just within a few hours see what happens to the physical body. Because the consciousness is lost, the consciousnes (chetna) is gone with the dead and therefore all that puss, the urine and all that composes a physical body shows the reality of skin. It is no more than a dung without consciousness. So shallow is the vision, if perception remains just skin-deep.

A thing of beauty is joy forever and the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I have nothing against the billion dollar cosmetic industry . Their surfing on demand and supply tide, fascinates me . If the demand isn’t there how they create a virtual demand and position it in the minds of target customers via hormone stimulation, advertisements, models and actresses ,all fascinates me and help me learn that shapes market trends.

Nevertheless, in furtherance to this ,I intend to introduce the magic of ‘spiritual technology’ to you. If you have ever been near some real spiritual techie, you will understand what I am talking about. In a blink that aura that doesn’t demand external emulsions you will sense. A saint who knows how to play with spiritual technology, then the divine silence that can be transmitted is ineffable.

If you have wondered how Unglimal fell at the feet of Buddha just with a gaze. Why Balya daku, who poured The Ramayana from the sky on paper , went bonkers just with just a non verbal contact with Narad.( “Ulta naam japat jag jana, valmiki huye bramh samana”). Yes, these Buddha’s and Narad’s had access to the spiritual technology we are talking about. Fortunately we can access it too.

As we grow old and if we trust on the cosmetics the way we do, someday “You, too Brutus” will be ine inevitable. ” You too, Rare and Lovely” . The skin ages and hence the fairness creams will ditch it slowly slowly one day.

Nevertheless if we are in harmony with the spiritual technology, with passing age grace descends. We will elaborate how can we access it to become as beautiful as nature. Like the flowing river, like the flying birds

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