Poet Kuni And IITian Durvasa

Based on a true story. Inspired by true events

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Aayush Tiwari –

As Poet Kuni recited Dinkar’s

“Jahan Kahin Hai Jyoti Jagat Me Jahan Kahin Ujiyala ,
Wahin khara Hai Koi Vrat Ka Antim Mol Chukane Wala” the heart of IITian Durvasa chimed.

But the story goes long back In a quaint village nestled amidst lush green fields, where lived this gifted poet named Kuni. Renowned for her verses that could bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart, Kuni possessed a remarkable talent for capturing the true essence of life in her words. Her verses were mellifluous, weaving a magical tapestry that transported listeners to another world.

On the other side of the village, in a grand mansion, resided the brilliant but arrogant scientist


A graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, his mind was perceived as a fortress of logic and rationality. Science was his only devotion, and he scoffed at any notion of the ethereal or the intangible.

One fateful evening, a village gathering was planned, showcasing the talents of the local artists. Amongst the performers was the humble poet, Kuni, who would recite her verses that night. The villagers eagerly awaited the enchantment his words always brought. However, there was an air of skepticism surrounding Durvasa, who had a reputation for his disdain towards anything that couldn’t be explained by science.

As the moon cast its gentle glow over the gathering, Kuni took center stage, her eyes emanating wisdom and depth. Silence enveloped the crowd, their anticipation palpable. In a voice that resonated with both agony and ecstasy, Kuni began Subhadra Kumari’s ‘Mera Naya Bachpan’ and as she recited

‘माँ ओ’ कहकर बुला रही थी मिट्टी खाकर आयी थी।
कुछ मुँह में कुछ लिये हाथ में मुझे खिलाने लायी थी॥

पुलक रहे थे अंग, दृगों में कौतुहल था छलक रहा।
मुँह पर थी आह्लाद-लालिमा विजय-गर्व था झलक रहा॥

मैंने पूछा ‘यह क्या लायी?’ बोल उठी वह ‘माँ, काओ’।
हुआ प्रफुल्लित हृदय खुशी से मैंने कहा – ‘तुम्हीं खाओ’॥

पाया मैंने बचपन फिर से बचपन बेटी बन आया।
उसकी मंजुल मूर्ति देखकर मुझ में नवजीवन आया॥

मैं भी उसके साथ खेलती खाती हूँ, तुतलाती हूँ।
मिलकर उसके साथ स्वयं मैं भी बच्ची बन जाती हूँ॥

जिसे खोजती थी बरसों से अब जाकर उसको पाया।
भाग गया था मुझे छोड़कर वह बचपन फिर से आया

IITIAN DURVASA roared “Ah my time machine is ready by Dec 2023, whenever I want I can revisit my childhood, so your poem doesn’t impress “. The debate between science and poetry continueed and the house was on fire. IITian Durvasa cited equations of Einstein, schondiger and those delta theta alpha probing the time travel making the crowd jump off their mats.

Poet kuni dint bother to use sentences and continue replying in a poetic way.

“Nij samadhi me nirat sada nij karmath ta me chur
Vany kusum sa khila Karn jagat ki ankho se door”.

Now this was enough for the IITian Durvasa remembering his sleepless nights experimenting alone in his desolate laboratory in the old college days

Continued poet kuni

” Jahan kahin hai Jyoti jagat me jahan kahin Ujiyala
Wahin khada hai koi vrat ka mol Chukane Wala” ( rashmirathi)

Now the nostalgia, and IITian Baba recalled his determined he was while preparing for IIT and what whas the power of that vrat and how ardous was its price and how sweet was the bliss as he accomplished his dreams.

But poet Kuni dint stop and finally started reciting her recent Magnum Opuss “kapaajju kala”, “BimlaBua and Gaiyya” and more such daraganj anthems.

Her words echoed through the night, carrying the weight of generations past, and the hopes and dreams of those yet unborn. The verses were a symphony of emotions, unraveling the mysteries of love, pain, and the fragile beauty of the world.

Unbeknownst to Kuni, IITian Durvasa had chosen to attend the gathering, his presence veiled by a cloak of skepticism and to prove that mathematics is the music of god and not poetry. But now things were changing.

Poet kuni continued her onslaught with Kabir brahmastra now

“Chalti chakki dekh ke diya Kabira roye
Dui patan ke bich me sabut gaya na koye”

No sooner the digital Durvasa, the IITian baba realised that these two patan of chakki are time and space that spare no one alive unless the refuge of divine is sought.

As Kuni’s words reached his ears, IITian Durvasa found his scientific barrier cracking. The impact of the poet’s verses shook him to his core, awakening a long-suppressed longing for the intangible.

Unable to reconcile the conflict within himself, Durvasa stormed away, seeking solace in the vastness of the forest that surrounded the village. He roamed aimlessly, searching for answers to questions that had never bothered him until then. The beauty of the moonlit night and the whispering breeze seemed to mock his confusion.

Days turned into weeks, and the emptiness within IITian Durvasa only grew more pronounced. Worn down by his ceaseless pursuit of reason, he grew desolate, his spirit fragmented. The villagers, too, took notice of his transformation, their eyes filled with pity for the man who once held himself above all.

Kuni, wise and compassionate, recognized the impact his poem had on IITian Durvasa. Determined to heal the broken scientist’s spirit, she embarked on a proverbial journey, seeking him out in the depths of the forest. The whispers of the trees guided her as she ventured further into the unknown.

Finally, she discovered Durvasa, kneeling before a glistening waterfall. There, the scientist was humbled, his eyes brimming with unshed tears. Seeing Poet Kuni approach, Digital Durvasa along fell to her knees, words escaping his tormented soul.

“I have been a fool, Kuni,” he said, his voice laden with regret. “Blinded by the narrow confines of my scientific pursuits, I failed to grasp the beauty that lies beyond the realm of logic. Your verses pierced through my arrogance, revealing the vastness of what I have denied myself.”

Kuni, her heart filled with compassion, raised IITian Durvasa to his feet. “We are but vessels, my digital durvasa” she said gently. “Science and poetry may seem like distinct paths, but they both strive to uncover the same truth – the essence of our existence.”

Touched by Kuni’s wisdom, IITian Durvasa found solace in his newfound understanding. From that day forward, the IITian scientist’s demeanor underwent a remarkable transformation. He embraced the inherent mysticism of the world, allowing his rationality to intertwine with the ethereal and taught the same to his favourite prodigious student Techisha. Techisha dropped out off scientific community and pursued arts such intense was the impact.

Together, Kuni and IITian Durvasa, Techisha and Technuman became a powerful force, merging the realms of science and poetry. Through their collaborative works, they ignited a thirst for knowledge and forged a deeper connection between these non dual enigmas that are but one singularity.

Ayam nijah paroveti garhna ch laghu chetsam

Udar charita nantu VASUDHEV KUTUMBHLAM.


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